Dreams (cont’)


Stumbling back into this awake place, my thoughts…my emotions…my confusions, were all flying around my head like angry little Angel bugs…some playing their harps…others bashing me with their halos.

Anyways…not to stray. I have to concentrate and focus, (try to) on the feelings about my recent journey to…hmmm…I’ll call it… (It has to be worthy of her), Where would she live…my Lady?

 Remtown…that’s it…Remtown.

I actually thought a little about giving my Lady a name for this story…our story.

 That thought fluttered by like a breath.

Stupid ass, she already has a name. I don’t know it yet…she hasn’t told me…but I KNOW she has one.

Because she’s real.

 I heard her…I felt her grip…I could see my freaking reflection in her eyes.

No dream causes a person to cry in this awake place… In Realsville…Current City…does it? At least I’ve never heard of it or anyone else saying anything about it.

Maybe they don’t remember.

Who said, “Dreams are like trying to hold water in your hands”? Hmmm…don’t remember. I’ll Google it later.

Maybe you can tell now… there are many directions I want to explore in this tale.

The dream I have drifted into and out of for the past 35 years was, well… what I could retain from the disjointed episodes of this last trip. There’s not much to draw from as far as the actual dream is concerned…much to my dismay.

But the intensity and love and…jeez, what else? THE POWER of it… opened windows into my soul.

My soul is alive again.

 Questions are alive again…in me.

 The consideration… that my reality might be someone else’s dream or dreams?

What if my reality is another person’s dream? You know…the whole parallel universe thing?

What if Lady is real? What if she’s wondering who I am?

Whoa, drop the Peyote Cochise… any ways

There’s probably movies, songs, sonnets, poems, tribal dances etc., about all this.

 I wouldn’t know. I’ve never been interested in the subject matter before.

 Until it happened to me. Especially this time. Why did she finally speak to me…after 35 years?

I left this awake place. And went to Remtown to see… A Lady





“WHERE DID YOU GO…” she asked me

Reality is wrong. Dreams are for real.
Tupac Shakur 

2 thoughts on “Dreams (cont’)”

  1. I have one dream, just one, that I can recall with such clarity it is unreal. This dream, if I let it, would make me crumble into a corner and sob like a baby. A dream I had when my youngest son was about 4 or 5. A dream that terrified me, and left such a feeling of doom and dread hours after I woke up. I hated that dream. Of seeing my baby like that.
    Thank God it was only a dream. My son is now 24.

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