5 minutes of your time

Everything seems to be working

My breath is coming in and out…

Let me check…yep…I’m good

I’m looking at my hands now…turning them over…back and forth

There are more wrinkles than I noticed before

Kinda like an onion…with corn hair

When I spread my fingers…there are folds..between the pointy finger and bird finger

looks so old…

I think I remember the days when my skin was…tight


Like my grandparents…I am starting…

No…I am my grandparents…REDUX!!

My shit is falling apart

I see freckles.,,,most likely little liver spots

My nails need love…top and bottom

I have a rough spot on my bird finger (right hand) that looks dry. Only one finger….

Wait..there’s one on my pinky finger knuckle

Looks dry …

I just walked over and ate a couple of spoons from the crock pot…it was good (I call it Soup)

I almost tripped over my guitar (not supposed to be lying on the floor)

I’m back at the laptop now…typing this. (2 fingers)

I’m watching my fingers…can’t type very good (1 1/2 fingers)

I’ve stopped. (No fingers)

Looking at the screen…changing to a big L (Why is the CAPS LOCK next to shift?)

Air conditioner is blowing hard…100 outside (fan is bugging me)

Looking out the window at the blue sky…

Glad to be alive…

And share with you my past 5 minutes

3 thoughts on “5 minutes of your time”

  1. You are an amusing find.. lol Fantastic use of energy and a unique writing style with humor I appreciated so much (I’m not the only weirdo on here)…

    Thanks for sharing!

    Miss Lou

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