Cloud Diamonds


It’s raining
At my window clear…I sit
It is streaked by tears from the Sky
They are steady…they are near
If only to pass my hand through this pane…I could reach for Cloud Diamonds
Watching…dreading…knowing I will see, the light of heaven fading from each…when kissed by the lips of earth.
It’s raining…
Why is the Sky sad today? Does she miss the Sun?
The treacherous clouds block her view…of her Sky Lover…
Always over her shoulder, by her side he sits.
Does the Sky miss the Sun when he sets? It seems as so
That her mood darkens…her evil half
Black kills Blue
The dark, sister Night.
Stealing the land peoples sight…keeping obstacles where they lie.
Night draws her heavy cloak about man-kinds face…drawing fear to the surface of their sun starved eyes.
The tears are heavy…as do seasons change.
Lo, as the Lady Skies heart, so our hearts ebb or wane…lift or fall
The rain like a curtain, that cannot be passed through, still glimmers like mirrors and diamonds, showing that lights bright…is true.
Her tears carry pieces of her lovers kiss…in every Cloud Diamond that is born.
The Earth Child that they look upon…sustained
Keeping their love kindled…entwined.
For her love holds him upon celestial plane, his embracing light keeps her warm and right…
Dare we say…true blue?
When the Earth Child is bright, the Sky does not weep.
We are valleys…We are plains
We are the mountains… begotten of forgotten rains
I am man…
Who worshipped you, Oh Sky!?
We have bent our knees…our backs…before your lover.
We Earth children are not worthy of her soothing tears falling into our eyes
We dance through the Skies Cloud diamonds…knowing…aware
Lifting our songs and faces to her…we cannot forget…nor deny
When her lover has gone…The Sky will cry.
The Sky understands me…lets me dance
A Promise from her Great Lover…gives us that chance.
The Sky understands.

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