Random Thought


I guess I really don’t have much to do in this life.

Nothing spectacular…nothing really “awe-inspiring” compared to the fortunate…the blessed…the fiscally sound…?

Anyways…before I get off on that tangent…

I’m just here doing my “thang”…watching the clock tick by just like water from a spicket (good comparison if you think about it)

 I’m sitting here…looking at my cell phone dash dock.

 I’ve had it for almost 2 years now…2 years!! I know…unprecedented, I’ll have to look and see if it’s made in America…

(I looked) Nope, it’s not. 

Well I’m looking at this dock and knowing that it has to go. It has started to get sticky and requires me to replace the back of my phone every time I peel it up.

All those hundreds of charges have caused the tacky surface of my dock to become a gelatinous, amoebic looking…thing.

Removing my phone from the dock requires patience, skill and timing…I have none of these 3 traits. I have to peel it slowly to the right…like in Texas Hold ‘em table cam shots…peel it slowly as if what you’ll  find underneath will cause babies to cry, dogs to bark and villagers with torches to attack.

That’s when the back comes off and the battery FALLS OUT!

I hate reboots…

Okay…so while at Wally World (that’s an anagram) I get a text on my phone. .. I have this flash of insight!

Note** No…I no longer speak on a phone. I am a text whore (pardon my French…or Gaelic?)

Okay, anyways…I get this text…I pull my phone out of my pocket and this sticky paramecium residue on the back of my phone, is bringing with it…cash, keys, receipts, lining of pocket….you see what I mean?

The idea hits me! I need a new dock!

**Amazing how on top of the game I can be at times. It’s Breath taking to behold…

I find the new dock in the usual place at WW. Not cell phone accessories of course…but by the cameras…hmmm.

I am startled, but glad to see that this model has dropped in price from 2 years ago.

It must be an antique by now, technologically speaking.

I grab it up; chunk it into the cart…

Wobble, wobble…ching, ching…swipe, swipe…pin number…pin number… pin numb…? Oh, now I remember it…a number I’ll never forget…right?

So…after calling the card people and assuring them that I am not stealing my card, or have been mugged, I have completed my mission….CRAP!! Forgot the bread…

I’m sitting here fixing (southern term) fixing to swap docks.

I actually think this thought…guess what it is…?

“This has been a good dock…I’ve had it for 2 years. It’s never ….I mean NEVER… fell from its perch. It has been loyal, hard-working (stretching it now) and its worked fine”.

Here it comes…

“I’m gonna stick it in my junk drawer.”


It’s old; it’s used to death, and needs to be replaced.

I’m going to put it out to pasture. Ahhh, retirement amongst rat turds and dead batteries.

 Kinda like Senior citizens

I went from thinking about changing my dock and its relationships and comparisons…too, how we treat the elderly people in this crazy place.

In this crazy place, we use the old farts up…on the majority; we cast them aside when they no longer work properly.

They are cheaper now than they were when shiny and new. They don’t require much.

When they can no longer “keep up” we act put upon and impatient.

 Anyone who reads this knows I am telling the truth. That’s why I’m writing this…to make myself more conscious of it first….then maybe others.

We must look at ourselves and those who preceded us to this crazy place and see….truly see….that we could not would not be here without them.

Yeah, I know…I’ve heard it…blah, blah…they ruined our country, they put us in the position we’re in now….they smell like garlic…in finitum

Meaning that we forget….I forget… we take for granted…I take for granted… these elder kin, who were here FIRST.

Those of whom we will replace…sooner than we want (in some cases).

 I’m sorry that I’m rambling today…not a total loss though; it feels good to face my inadequacies sometimes.

I have achieved what every red- blooded American deserves…


I took an innocuous thought, turned it over and over like a Rubik’s cube, and became aware of my short comings as a person.


Now I know…have become more…?

More enlightened?

More aware…?

Less of a butt-hole…?

IDK, but I will try harder in the future to revere my elder kin and other seniors…I have been frightfully found wanting in this regard. I am sorry for this.

What’s their story….what tales do they have to tell?


Who will replace them? Who wants to care for them?

Will we want another…just like them?

Think about it….

One day…it’ll be us maybe…huh?

Should it be scary…like it feels?


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