The Key…Con’t.

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The Key…Part 1 Chapter 2


The Neighbor boy was older than The Boy. He lived down the dirt road that ran from the highway to The Boys house. The boy had to pass it every day, walking to the bus stop.

There and back.

The Boy thought that if he ran past the red house really fast, he could get by unseen. But the neighbor Boy had a bike. A big light blue bike without fenders. It had a bell on the handle bars.

The Boy would run as fast as he could down the dirt road. His heart pounding in his chest…about to burst.  Listening for that bell.

He didn’t breathe when he ran this fast.

Sometimes he would hide his books and stuff beside the bus stop so they wouldn’t slow him down. Even if he had homework he’d stash them. Then once safely on the bus, he would hurry and do his lessons.

It’s hard to write when your hands are shaking. When your mouth is dry from fright and dust.

That first morning…the monsters arrived.

 He could remember hearing the bell as the Neighbor Boy came racing around from behind his house…his feet pounding the pedals…leaning over the handle-bars and laughing with his eyes.

The Boy ran.

He didn’t know why he ran, he just did. The bell kept ringing. It kept getting louder. The Boy could hear the crunching of the rocks and gravel as his pursuer closed on him.

When the boy tried to look over his shoulder to see where the Neighbor Boy was, he saw a glimpse of light blue …a bell jingling and BAM!… The Boy was kicked off his feet into a ditch beside the dirt road.

The Boy lay there gasping for breath. The wind had been knocked out of him. He was angry. Why’d he scare me and kick me? He could tell his hands and knees were scraped…they were on fire. His pants leg was torn. He could feel the breeze blowing across his skinned knees.

The Neighbor Boy blocked out the sun. He drug his shadow beside The Boy.

The shadow crawled up the boy’s body inch by inch as the Neighbor Boy stepped closer. The shadow held The Boy down.

He tried to sit up, but the shadow held him as the Neighbor Boy pushed him back down, straddling The Boys legs with his.

The Neighbor Boy didn’t say anything. He looked around as if he were trying to remember where he was. He returned his stare back to The Boy. His face was placid…dead. His eyes were black. They seemed to reach out with his shadow and pull at The Boy.

He turned the Boy over onto his stomach. His hand was on the back of The Boys neck. The Boy could feel what was happening now. The Neighbor Boy was pulling his pants down. The Boy tried to kick and fight, but the Neighbor Boy was too heavy…his shadow too strong. The Boy tried to call out, but he was too far from his house. No one would hear him.

The Neighbor Boy pushed his forearm against the Boys neck and face, grinding it into the briars and dirt. He could feel the Neighbor Boy lay on top of him, pushing against him.

Then, the Pain…Blinding pain.

For 6 years…there was pain and shadow. He couldn’t tell anyone. This was 1970. You didn’t tell on folks.

But now…there be monsters.

17 thoughts on “The Key…Con’t.”

  1. Thank you for following my blog. This story is very familiar to me. I was held down and some big kids rubbed lime into my eyes. I had to tell since I couldn’t see, but really didn’t want to. The burns did heal and sight restored yet I can still remember the felling of ratting out those bums. I am following you as well.

      1. I didn’t. Sometimes I have to let hard words settle and have some space, so I didn’t search for it. I might have if it had been right there. I would like to soon. To make a link in your own post: you just put in some text, like: “Click here for Part 1 of the Key” or similar, then highlight the part you want to turn blue and be underlined, next you look for the paperclip symbol in the menu above the text box, click on it, and then select the part from the bottom of the popup box — it should find the relevant material for you. Or you can copy the http: etc from your browser’s location box and drop that into the popup box. Does that help? Whew, that was long…

  2. This is why I started my own blog. Sure, I write about other things too, but mostly about the life altering issues from Childhood Sexual Assault. Just reading your words brings anger for what a little boy had to endure, but admiration for the man who can now tell. It takes guts to speak out, but speak out we must. To keep it locked away gives it too much power. Too much control.
    Thanks, Trey.

  3. Shadows haunting still. Control eliminated from that age till reclaimed. Alcohol abuse, eliminating, drowning memories. Reclamation of self from alcohol. And now from the shadows. Haunting diminishing.x

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