Squirrels: This Time It’s Personal : Part Nine

I think that this CSB project is a fantastic idea! To build upon others skills and adding my lowly experience to it is fun as hell. As most of you know, I prefer the comedic touch. But, for some reason I wanted to lean on my penchant for plot twist, plus throw the next contributor a curve ball. That’s the fun part!
Here is the previous sections link: http://hazyshadesofme.com/2013/09/07/squirrels-this-time-its-personal-part-8-of-the-csb-chain-story-event/


It was a cold, rainy night.

A heavy, penetrating rain brought down from the mountains of Moria with a tempest of fog and wind.

The man was standing in the shadows across the street from the Smoke Easy his instructions had told him about. The rain was pouring off the brim of the hat that was low over his eyes. The rain and wind playing a chorus of drums against his coat and hat. He had been here for hours waiting…watching. He had been told that his “contacts” would be here.

The man had seen a woman enter the smoke easy earlier. She had strode thru the rain as if she was oblivious to it. No hurry…only the palpable intent of reaching a destination that only head moves can give away…if you know what to look for.

The man did know. He knew his duty.

After the woman had entered the building the man had stayed in the shadows, not moving. Only his eyes traveled up and down the street. He did not seem to be alarmed or even interested when he saw the 2 people…a man and a woman…rush into the smoke easy, laughing together, a coat thrown over their heads, protecting them from the drenching rain and bone chilling wind. The man recalled the photographs of the “contacts” in his mind and knew that they had arrived as predicted.

“They’ll be there” the Goddess had told him. He had never seen the Goddess, but she had come to him many times over the years in his dreams. He knew for certain that they were not ordinary dreams. These dreams were tangible…and he could feel things there. Bad things.

The man stayed still, portraying no impatience or need to be anywhere soon. He counted his heartbeats…eyes closed…ears open. He heard nothing but wind and rain.

Placing his hands in the pockets of the long Anorak he wore, he began to stride across the street down the alley between the smoke easy and the Starbucks next to it. The alley was dark but that was no matter. The man could smell movement. He could feel…things.

The man moved against the alley wall slowly as he approached the corner of the smoke easy building. He stood there listening. A door slammed at the back of the building and the lid to a dumpster was being thrown back. The man peered around the corner. The owner of the smoke easy was emptying several cans into the dumpster, his back toward the man. The light above the door cast a dim glow over the small alcove. The man didn’t care much for light. He looked at the light, and blew it a kiss. The light died. The owner looked up at the dark bulb.

The movement of the man was like a shadow when light shifts. He was behind the smoke easy owner and wrapping the garrote around the unsuspecting mans neck before he knew he was dead.

The man stood over the body of the owner. His interest in the owner gone. “A necessity” the man thought to himself. Turning toward the door of the smoke easy he went in.

When the man entered the smoke easy common area he was whistling and cursing. Stomping his feet and pounding his soaked hat against his leg.
“Holy shit! He was saying…”it’s raining like a cow pissing on a flat rock!” he laughed at his quip and continued to stomp and bitch. The 2 people at the corner booth were watching him and smiling at his hilarious discomfort.

The man was smiling to himself and them. He winked at the pretty young lady and turned his gaze to the wall mirror behind them. The woman that had entered the smoke easy before these two was sitting at the bar. Smoke curling around her head like dancing serpents, the woman didn’t look around or stir. The man examined her face in the mirror. She looked familiar somehow. Her eyes…He had seen those eyes

The man shook off the thought. He turned his attention back to the 2 young people at the table. They were still watching him. It had been less than 30 seconds since he had left the owners body in the alcove and entered the smoke easy.”Hey…?” the man asked, a tone of humor in his voice “You folks wouldn’t happen to know a McAdams and Gosling would you?”

The two young people moved at the same time in different directions, knocking over the table and settings as a diversion….The man’s hand whipping out of his pocket with the speed that only an Elf can achieve. He shot them both dead as if they had not moved at all.

The silenced weapon was put back into his pocket. The man slowly bent down and picked up the spent casings and put them in his pocket too. He looked at the 2 young people lying twisted on the floor. There was no need to check them for signs of life. The man knew his job. He felt no remorse or wonder for what he had wrought. He looked up at the big mirror. The woman at the bar had not moved or shown any interest in the events behind her.

The man stepped around the overturned table. Kneeling next to each of the bodies, he pulled from an inside pocket of his coat 2 gleaming golden rings. He placed one on the foreheads of each.

He stood up and turned to leave. The woman at the bar was gone. There was a glowing note where she had been sitting. It beckoned him. He went to the bar and picked up the note.

The note said “Sweet Dreams”. The man left the bar…into the rain and wind.

Gandalf’s phone began to ring. He answered it.

“Director of Intelligence Baggins for Middle-Earth on the line for you sir”. Gandalf froze.

Director Baggins said “There’s new players in town”.

[I turn this over to Kori Miller…You go girl!!] http://koridmiller.wordpress.com/

24 thoughts on “Squirrels: This Time It’s Personal : Part Nine”

  1. OMG, that was a curve ball all right, Brill job. Some many more questions now, lol. Who was he? Was Darlene the woman? Could she be the Goddess? I love how the story evolves depending on who’s telling 🙂

  2. Plot twist. And who was this woman at the bar? Could we have seen a glimpse of the Squirrel Goddess herself? “Sweet Dreams.” My imagination runs wild with new players in town.

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