“Insomnial” Thoughts @ 2 am


I wish that I could fall asleep like most people do
But my life as a trucker makes this very difficult. This is a job where you have no set hours like a 9-5. Kinda like the military I guess, except that I’m not in a war zone. Well, now that I bring up that comparison I guess I do work in a war zone of sorts due to the fact that I am dodging 3000-80,000 lb missles all day through out the highways of this country and it’s cities.

These 4-wheelers and Semi-trucks are also being controlled by people who shouldn’t have a license! Yes, they purchase the vehicles legally and they go thru educational courses(Hopefully) before they are given a license. That doesn’t mean they are a proficient driver, just that they met the requirements. Kinda like gun control I guess.

Anyways…like I was saying,

I can’t remember the last time that I actually slept 8 hrs straight. When I am driving, I am at the mercy of highway conditions, traffic jams, shippers, receivers and the Department of Transportation (D.O.T). Shippers and receivers don’t give a shit about drivers. Most won’t or don’t have areas for us to park in at their facilities. We have to sleep where we can find a spot. Truck stops are full after 6 pm. It is illegal to park on off ramps and shoulders of the road…
I know, I see them parked there all the time too.

I can usually find a safe spot to park, or should say that I don’t give a hoot about laws and restrictions when it comes to finding a safe spot. I am only parking where there is lots of light and the absence of Lot-Lizards. (hookers that work truck stops).

Here’s something you might not know. My company will not let me park within 50 miles of some 6 major cities due to the possibility of robbery…In this country? How scary is that? Truckers can’t carry guns,knives over a certain length, mace (only animal mace) or pretty much anything effective to protect ourselves. I know instances of drivers being killed for their freight, while they slept. Needless to say, I have a hard time sleeping very soundly.’

This brings me to an idea of a survey I’d like to do. I want you all to think about jobs and come up with the top 5 in your opinions…that are the most important to the world. Religion and Politics are not jobs. They are service.

Here are My top 5:
1) Farmers….without these guys…we would starve. Food is the most important thing to earth, on par with water of course. The government is strangling these guys. Did you know the government pays farmers NOT to grow crops? Look it up…

2) Family Doctors: A dying breed

3) Soldiers: An Unhappy fact

4) Enviromentalist: They are our children’s future

5) Truck Drivers: If you bought it…they brought it

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