As my feet lie burning
From the flash of grass and hay
I have finally reached my milestone
It’s my PEDI day!

As the fire and heat are doused by the bubbly bubbly bath, I fall into the stupor that comes along with only love, not rancor nor wrath!

As my toes are all adored, my feet scales are cast aside
To circle and bounce amongst the drain from whence they cannot hide

When my treads are dried and the snipping begins, I seem to be on edge
I grip the arms of the chair and my drawers are trapped and wedged
She is snipping and digging as if she were Indiana Jones
My muscles tense and jump
as her excavation flows

She has started scooping and sanding, and my nerves are all askew
If she hits that one spot again I swear to God the day she’ll rue

She’s drying off my piggies now, we’ve made it thru the first
I seemed to have passed out a sec
But it looks like we’ve passed the worst

She’s rubbing my feet and shin bones now, and I’m in an orgasmic state
I wonder if she’ll marry me or at least go out on a date

When my treads are pretty and shiny pink
She calls for someone new
I knew she never really loved me, but I’ll be back next Tuesday at 2

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