Next trip

Going to the Alamo baby!!


19 thoughts on “Next trip”

    1. That’s where my dad went for his AF basic training. I’m looking forward to this run. I’ll get to hit routes that are off the beaten path. I plan on stopping in Moab, Utah…Billy the Kids grave, and the Alamo!

      1. You are not being inconsiderate. I am at peace today relaxing and taking care of #1 Me! Thanks for asking, it means a lot to me. Anxious to see pictures and hear of your travels.

      1. Good grief. I’d in a whole other country/continent. Planet even. We’ve not got that kinda distance here. Had to check. Nope 603 miles from the tip of Scotland right down through England to their tip. Beggars belief! Enjoy the journey. :)x

      2. Shiit! I shouldn’t have told you that. Apparently spies are collating information on us and I don’t know what they’ll be able to do with that. Really worried now that everyone knows I’m 52 and tries to access my limited bank funds by weirdly guessing strange combinations of numbers and facts about me. What am I gonna do now?
        I’ll have to change my date of birth.
        Hang on.
        Yup done.
        I’m 37 now. That was a good year that was. Yeah, think I’ll stick with that one for a while. :)x

      3. About 5 miles outside Glasgow. Nice wee autumnal day going on here but I’m attached to laptop speaking sedition and treason with lots of lovely like minders. :)x

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