Good Morning!


I have awakened!
There is no fear
The Bringer of light is finally here!

Yes, I woke up in another strange place, under Azure sky…
But at least I’m not hung over and
There is no strange woman beside me, thank God there’s no guy.

I walked into the truck stop full of vinegar and piss
Nodding and smiling looking that way and this

A little girl screamed, women began to cry
But I’m used to peasants falling at my feet, worshipful and spry(?)

But these peasants had a look that was fearful and queer
As if I’d rolled in some dog shit and brought it in here.

I asked in my loudest voice” Ye peasants of WordPressia, what troubles thine eyes?” 
All I heard was more whimpering and heart rending cries

I felt for the people, felt a tear at my eye
Asking once more “Woman, what troubles are there?”

“I am here to protect you and bring light to your lives , keep you all fed and no flab in thy thighs!”

“Lord Trey!” She exclaimed,  reaching up from her knees “It is only thine handsomeness that brings happiness to our humble lair”

I nodded and smiled, until she finally said…”Good Lord Trey, do something with that hair! ”

How dare They insult my coiffure to my face
I hit her with my man purse, and scratched someones face
As I stomped out, I began to run like a girl
“I’LL NEVER BE BACK!” as my hair gently swirled

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