Reservation Drums Reservation Shame


There used to be the Buffalo on  high grassy plains, storming across the prairie like torrential rains
There used to be the beaver, the wolf and bear
Now there are few, now They are rare
There used to be drums, There used to be dance, there used to be a people that had a fighting chance

Now there is nothing left for them
Their tribes have been raped
A lost lost people with no hope or pity, no goodness sake

How would We feel with our souls, our homes cast into flames?
After what I saw today, I must cry



They are a forgotten people, taken for granted and spurned
They watched as their heritage was spit on and burned

A newly discovered country the scholars do cheer
What about the people that were already here?


What I saw today made me feel guilty, who is to blame?
I call out again…this bystander by name
Look at this people
Look and feel SHAME!

14 thoughts on “Reservation Drums Reservation Shame”

  1. Don’t feel sorry for us. We are resilient, strong, and carry on amidst a gene pool swirling with celts, gauls, Afrikans, and many other people who inhabit this great life form called Gaia. We will continue, our heart beats still…

      1. who hasn’t changed, the whites, the mutts or the indifferent? Creator has changed us all… we are the rainbow children, all colors, mingling, creating something new, emerging from a chrysalis called pain into a world called hope…blessings…

      2. An unending drive for conquest I guess. What will a world be with only one culture? Was that the plan? I hope not… Is the indigenous people destined to become a truly endangered race?

      3. I find that all of us are endangered, if you choose to see it that way. I envision a lovely mix-matched genetic pool, hearty, AWARE, and working together, as none are better than another, for we are becoming parts of each other, and striving to survive amidst a continuous swirl of change. It is all in perfect order.

      4. We are one of the fastest growing demographic groups in America so the colonzer caused suffering and loss but in the end our peoples are far stronger than the violence and greed brought against us.
        As the Shift continues I think you will see ideas that originated in indigenous societies like consensus democracy, respectful integration of humsn societies into the land/ecosystem and gift based economies among others, to become central to the changes and renewal of our world.
        Tai Alfred is a wonderful scholar who has written a lot about incorporating Traditional knowledge into solving modern problems.He is one of many brilliant indigenous scholars world wide who are challenging colonized “reality” and creating an indigenous rennaissance. No doubt reservations suck-they were designed to! But we are not pitiful people even on the poorest and worst affected reserva tions there are people actively working to make things better.
        If only the new agers who pay thru the nose for fake coopted “Lakota” ceremonies would send that money to the actual Lakota! That would speed things up:-)
        Thank you for noticing and caring. Americans and Canadians usually cling hard to denial:-/

  2. I have felt as you many times. Known people who lived on these reservations, which are crap. I did quite a bit of study into the Alaskan Native, which have quite a different story. They actually got to keep some of their land; get money from the State on a regular basis; and in some of the areas, won’t even allow white researchers or help. I guess by the time we bought Alaska, we kinda’ figured we screwed up. This is a huge topic and discussion, way too big for here. Thanks for the pics though. I am going to re-blog just to reach who ever is listening. Oh! In another blog I was reading, I learned that Canadians did much the same thing to Indians. So, we are not the only jerks.

  3. America has stolen what it has and committed genocide. We have reduced the people who one lived here in grace and blessing to nations of people who have lost their self-respect. I believe they have more right to live here than we ever did. A world with one culture. What would be wrong with that? One world, one love, one family of humankind. Blessings, Barbara

    1. Yeah…but It’s given me an idea for a story.From the eyes of a boy seeing a white man for first time. Man is an Angel sent to prepare nation for inevitable. Any ideas?

      1. That sounds good. Not that what we did was good, but perhaps you could show the era from both perspectives, the white man and the Indian. I am sure many of the Indians were wonderful people and their spiritual path is still honored in the world. But I don’t write fiction, just non-fiction. Good luck. I would love to read for you. Hugs, Barbara

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