I am freaking tired…

I have been out on this run for almost 6 weeks now.

I’ve been coast to coast 3 times…been from Washington state to the border of Texas and Mexico twice, not to mention 4 half-country runs!

My sleep schedule is all messed up.

These new Hours of Service rules that our government has forced us to comply with for “our” safety, and the safety of 4-wheelers, has me more screwed up sleep-wise than I ever was using the old HOS rules and paper logs.

It seems like I’m tired all the time.

I can’t take Ambien because it makes me see the Care Bears and Captain Kangaroo…

It makes me see black things run across the road in front of me, and I know that THAT is a sign for me to pull over somewhere and try to sleep.

I’ve finally figured out that most of the ghost pains I complain about happen when I start getting really tired.

When I finally stopped at a truck stop here in West Virginia to grab a refreshing shower, I stood under the hot stream of water…my eyes closed, head down…running my hands over my head and reminding myself how F’N tired I was…

I guess I shouldn’t have been surprised when my ass fell off.

I heard it clunk behind me with a little splash when it fell to the shower floor.

I turned around and looked down at it.

My ass was just lying there…looking at me reproachfully with its one good brown eye. A slight shit eating frown stretching from cheek to cheek.

I said “I’m sorry, I know you’re tired….but it don’t help the situation when I have to keep dragging you around when we’re exhausted”

My ass just kept staring up at me, the water splashing around its water-wrinkled cheeks.

Then he said “Pffffft!!”

You can’t talk to this asshole…

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