Lame Poem 2

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Why…oh why

Can’t I get my Facebook to work?

Don’t they know I have to update my status

Before my coffee can perk?

Don’t they realize I need to read others stuff?

Mindless messages and eCards keep my day from being ruff…

I need a shot of Candy Crush to get my heart pumping fast

I must reach level 53 before my batteries pass

I must answer pleas for extra lives and help

I must answer queries from those with brains as feeble as kelp

If I can’t upload my pictures or show where I am

My hands will start shaking, and I will start craving green eggs and ham

Facebook is a drug in it’s own right

It is the only one who understands my need for the limelight…

4 thoughts on “Lame Poem 2”

  1. I don’t even try to figure it out fb anymore LOls..
    good poem !
    Take Care…

    1. I suck at it….technically I’ve only just started. I’ve finally caved in to 6 months of harassment from my Facebook peeps and tried it. I suck at it bad. I’m at level 14 and still don’t know how I got to that!!! LOL!!

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