My Friends of the Road


This is an introduction of my fellow travelers to the new followers of my blog.

RuRu has been with me the longest. He is a reincarnated/recycled M-14 that was injured in Iraq and suffers residual PTSD from his previous combat experiences.
He also deals with guilt after killing flies.
He is an alcoholic.

Cullman is a reincarnated/recycled sexual device that belonged to a gay English Butler who was a graduate of Christ’s College Cambridge.
He is a snob and a flaming homo!
He enjoys antagonizing RuRu.

Steve is a Navajo warrior trapped in a Katina fetish.
He was killed at the Little Bighorn when he fell from his horse and landed on his face. Hence the oversized cravat he’s borrowed from Cullman.

Bob is an escapee from a secret facility in Roswell, New Mexico. He is an undocumented alien and was working under false I.d as a topless dancer.

New Guy is an anarchist that We met in Wyoming.
He’s a dumb ass, but Cullman likes him

So there you go new followers.

There’s the guys I travel with and talk to when It’s lonely out here.

For a little bit of history on RuRu,  check out the page “The Life of RuRu ”


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