I Wish (fill in blank)


1) That I’d paid more attention in school.

2) That I could have quit chasing stinky in high school long enough so that it wouldn’t take me away from my studies.

3) Except for that one time with Carol Hampton in the library with a candelabra… 🙂

4) That I had been born in Iowa and grew up surrounded by green corn and beautiful sunsets.

5) That I had learned to drive in my grandpa’s old truck.
…. That dream came true.

6) That I could eat tomatoes without my lips swelling up and my nose running.
…. Not a pretty site.

7) That I’d been born with super powers so I could be a hero.
… I still run around in my house occasionally with a towel around my neck…not a pretty site

8) That I would have been a better father.

9) That I could’ve given my life searching for missing children.
…. I still pray for that opportunity to this hour…

10) That I could be a healer.

11) That I would be happy with who I am and not long for things out of my control.

12) That I could actually do the last entry….

13) That I knew for sure if there is a God

14) That everything will be hunky doory.

15) That I would quit wishing so much and make something happen.

14 thoughts on “I Wish (fill in blank)”

  1. Very honest. I believe one of your pictures I saw was of your son in the military. Right? I should think that would be proof you were a good father. Only you know the answer to that one though.
    I often have wished to be a healer in my life, every since I was a child. I used to dream flying dreams, and in them I would see kids my age who were crying. I would be able to touch them without them seeing me, and they would stop crying. I had this dream, or something similar, from elementary school till after high school. I wish I still had those dreams: at least I felt like I was doing something, even if it was all a dream.
    I often wish I would been born a Native American or something like that. I feel being white, I really have no real culture to look upon. When I was in Alaska, I learned a lot about Alaskan Natives, and I really envied their history and closeness.
    I hear you on the wish to be born someone with beauty around to grow up. Born in Denver and then moved all over the friggin’ country till we landed in SLC. There was no real beauty in my life until I went to Georgia to be a nanny. I know a lot of people see a lot of beauty in SLC, but for me it is bad memories and a huge city. Las Vegas is definitely any better. I might even feel better if I had real nature around me.

      1. You know…sometimes….
        I am so glad I could inspire you, My King *fingers crossed behind back, smirk on face, as I bow*

      2. Wanna’ bet? I am sure in Nebraska there is no service. When I was on the truck, Nebraska has a black hole or some sort of supernatural interference because I couldn’t use my phone or WiFi the whole time we were there. So, if I can get there, I am invisible.

      3. Yeah, maybe. I also realized, while on that journey, that the only good looking drivers were in Nebraska. Yup! Saw them coming and going out of truck stop, all cowboy up and stuff. Never forget that wonderful rainy Nebraska night. Awww….Oh, what was I saying?

      4. No why would I be a perv if I love the cowboys in Nebraska? Only good ole’ fashioned nature at work for me.
        I embrace my dog and my teddy bear. So there!

  2. I just did a post on dreams and bucket lists, now I’m going to have to add this!! How much do you want to bet that most people wish they could have been better Fathers or Mothers!! I think we all beat ourselves up to much sometimes.

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