Lame Poem #5


There is someone following me

This fact I’m very sure

I think I’ve seen him on my heels

Or just around the next corner

I think I’ve even seen him mocking me when I wave, salute, or make appeal

I think I’ve even seen his lips move in mockery of my sexy spiel.

I’ve never actually figured out why he’s stalking me

Can’t make heads or tails out of why he can’t seem to let me be.

He follows me every day and on into the night

I’ve even tried to box with him to try and pick a fight

The very last time I swung at him to punch him in the face

He swung at the same time as me,  but I’m the one with the brace.

He likes to look up a woman’s dress and pinch her on the bum

He likes to make funny faces when he feels like having fun.

If you know of who I speak please give me a shout

The last cute bum He pinched, her boyfriend punched ME out!

Question : Who is my stalker?
Comment if you figured it out!

11 thoughts on “Lame Poem #5”

      1. It’s fun Friday! Thx for taking the time to read it. I thought it was lame too, but you’re the only one that’s answered it! LOL! Most of my blog is along the same lines hahaha!

      2. Just click follow and join my horde! LOL! Thx again for taking the time. I glanced at your blog and was impressed. I’ll delve deeper over the weekend.

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