I’m dyin’ here people!

I'm dyin' here people!

I am going blind from trying to read as many posts as possible while sitting here in my truck soaking up the sun in Thousand Palms, California.
Please be patient with me! I will give and receive….eventually.
Wait…? Did i just write that out loud?

11 thoughts on “I’m dyin’ here people!”

  1. Haha, I know the feelings. I was crazy busy during the last part of the week and had little time to do more than write a blog. By the time I had the chance to sit, I had a butt load of blog posts to read. Have fun!

  2. Such a wuss! Unbelievable. What do you think occupies all my time, why I never get to write anything of import, or unimportant, why I post stories and pics from others? Yeah, I am too busy reading everybody else’s stuff. And, you sit there in the sun, fussing about it. Cowboy Up Man! You gotta’ pace yourself…just like all things. And, yeah, I just said that.

    Over and out tonight. Drive safe. Hope your son is doing alright. I don’t think you have ever mentioned you were a vet, if you did and I missed, I apologize.

    Happy Veteran’s Day.


  3. LOL, you are a first rate blogger compared to me – I get in 1 a month if that, and even then I would have to be the most spariodic, inattentive blogger in all of WordPress. The only way it could get any less attentive was if I closed my account. lol

    Drive safe!


    1. I was wondering where you were. I check on you and noticed you had gone on hiatus or something. I knew you had a lot going on last time we chatted, and hoped it hadn’t got you down. Glad to see your *snorks* again!

      1. lol.. I’ve not been down at all – just really busy! I do not know why I do not make it a priority to get into the wordpress community more because I really do enjoy it once I’m here!

        Thanks for your kind words, it makes me feel happy about getting out and about in the community and visiting 🙂


      2. I am just reading, no posts since my rant about the American healthcare system referrers *tries hard to bite my tongue and almost eats it*

        I will get through some more of your posts, probably at work during the night, I’m going to try and get an hour’s sleep for now..

        Great to touch base again

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