Full Of Myself Again #2

This is not me...
This is not me…

[Scene] Looking at myself in the mirror…

I wasn’t aware that God could put so much handsome in one man.

Now…I’m sure of it.

The shower had been hot, but did not steam up the mirror.

The shower head kept telling me that I was a “Dirty boy”….

When I stepped out of the shower and stood in front of it, it fogged.

As I began to towel off, I heard a moan come from the mirror and in a husky voice the towel said…


I admonished the mirror by reminding it that it is not proper to stare at a naked man, no matter HOW attractive he may be.

But…I forgave it.

I understood its inability to control itself when faced with such animal charisma and rugged good looks

I also told the towel to quit lingering around my hoo ha’s.

It’s not polite to grope.

But…I forgave it too.

I’d do me if I wasn’t me.

…Or If I was drunk and in the dark.

I’m a slut after I’ve had a few…

After I had calmed the two of them down, I looked at my reflection.

My rippling 18 pack was set at a jaunty angle.

I flexed it a couple of times…Before-After…Before-After…

Rockin’ the Hitchcock vibe baby!

I got a little dizzy from the exertions of manipulating such muscle mass that I had to grab the edge of the sink to keep from falling to my knees in

I’d worship me against my own will….

My man boobs are almost a perky C-cup and are still quite firm, until I bend over.

Then, they are counter-weights for gravity.

Mother Earth wants some too…..

I popped a couple of body-building poses but had to stop when I got a headache behind my left eye.

Even I can’t absorb that much sexy at one time…

The mirror kept fogging up on me so I reached out and wiped my hand across it…

It had an organism….

So embarrassing how some things can’t control themselves.

I turned my back to the mirror and gave my tooshie a couple of quick flexes.

My butt took the flexing as a signal….

After I got off the potty I tried flexing again…this time without the fanfare.

The mirror was evidently snoozing now after its organism and made no effort to fog up.

I did.

When I saw all those Rand McNally dimples and red spots across my Beautius Gluteus Maximus ….MY vision fogged.

I’ll have to be careful with that. It could be a stroke and I’d never know it.

It hurts to be this pretty.

I was standing on a little towel.

It was soaked now.

I looked at the shower door, but saw no leaks.

Then I remembered that I can’t stand in one place too long for the sexy dripping off of me may cause a slipping hazard….

I worry about the little people….

I started to get dressed and the mirror said in a dreamy monotone…


The towel was kicking out a stripper tune…”Boompa shhh…Boompa shhh…”

“You’re supposed to do that when I UNDRESS” said I.

“It’s ALL GOOD” said the mirror shuddering a little in its frame…


I didn’t know a mirror could be multi-organismatic.

11 thoughts on “Full Of Myself Again #2”

  1. Wow! I have no words…and you know that is almost impossible for me. I am glad you had a good time in the post-shower mode.
    You never have an average day, too much self-admiration going on. Just glad you do it in private, you might get arrested in public.

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