Open Apology

I am sorry if my attempts at humor have offended any of my followers or visitors.

The last thing I wanted to do was alienate anyone with crude content.

I will clean up my act and try to be more “grown-up”

Please don’t blame the editors at the Community Storyboard. There are a lot of talented people there and they have a lot of content and activities to watch over.

 I should have known better.

I feel terrible that I may have possibly offended anyone. For a person that loves to make people laugh, it kills when I make them frown.

Once again….I’m sorry

16 thoughts on “Open Apology”

  1. Ooops…what happened? I for one really like your posts..and don’t find them crude at all. It’s you, it’s honest and sometimes I feel it’s strange when people take offence to things that are a part of our nature…if you know what I mean?

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