No Time!

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There is no time like the present…at the present…presently.

Maybe because I’m just lazy…

The topic for today is procrastination

Putting things off

Not doing things that need doing when they need to be did.

Not giving a crap if it ever gets done but know it HAS to be done…eventually.

I’m not doing it…I’m busy.

If you’re gonna bug me about it…YOU do it.

The time it’s taking for you to bitch at me, you could have done it yourself by now…

Then…when the consequences pop up from not doing what should have been done, we say to ourselves, with severe tones, “Damn,
why didn’t I do that when I had the chance?”

I spend more time thinking about how to get out of something than the time it would take to do said project.

Cases in point:

I’m just soo tired.

That’s a flex trash bag.

I got enough gas to make it to the service station

The dogs too fat anyways…he won’t starve.

Cats are very clean animals…he’ll go outside.

Goldfish don’t eat that much…Didn’t you feed them last week?

Where’s my jeans…? What do you mean it’s my turn to wash clothes? When did you tell me that?

The medicine will be in my system for another week, I’ll go to the pharmacy tomorrow.

I’ll call them in a little bit.

Dang, my cell phones dead…I was gonna plug it in when I got home, but there was still 30% power left.

I figured I had enough time to take out the trash and run to the gas station but the trash bag was stuck in the can from being too stuffed and it was tipped over.

I think the dog got into it too. Didn’t you get some dog food?

When did you tell me that? Oh….okay.

I ran outta gas on the way to the service station.

I didn’t see the fuel light flashing, I thought you were gonna take it to the shop.

I had an allergic reaction or something before I got to the convenience store.

I tried to call you to see if my medicine was at the house, then I remembered my cell phone was dead.

I’ll call the pharmacy in the morning.

I know it’s only one o’clock, but I had to go to the store first.

I wonder what I’m allergic too

The car smells like cat shit.

You ain’t told me NO such thing….oh…okay

What do you mean you can’t see the goldfish?

Green..? How’d it turn green?

I don’t remember you telling me that…oh…okay

What did I come to the store for again?


I’ll just pick it up at the pharmacy tomorrow when I get my stuff…

What do you mean “murder”?

10 thoughts on “No Time!”

  1. Well done, chap! Very cool how you wrapped it all back around.

    Peace & Love
    P.S. I want you to know, yours is the ONLY blog I read today. I knew you would just be sitting there in your cab, checking the computer each minute, see if that little orange box pops up, so you would know I read it and commented. There, I have read it and commented, you may sleep now. Now who has the big ego?

      1. I is here. I was doing a bunch of scheduled posts. I was also at my storage unit. I had to get my birth certificate because they won’t believe I am born, and they won’t believe my mum when she says she birthed me. Silly People.

  2. I used to say if I had a theme song it would be ‘I’m the Great Procrastinator” (sung to The Great Pretender by Dolly Parton).
    It’s true though..the energy and time taken dithering about not doing something is double the effort it takes to just do it!

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