Bored News Flash


Humpty Dumpty….
A suicide?
Join a round table debate from Camelot with Investigating reporter Bo Peep.

Was it the Kings men?

Was he properly attended at the scene?

Was he pushed?

These and other topics will be discussed among our 4 star panel:

Twinkle T. Winkle
Star Lyte
O. Ryan Belt
L. T Dipper

13 thoughts on “Bored News Flash”

  1. Are you possibly referring to the temple suicide? That was nuts. Happened at our local temple. If you want I can tell you some more of the details which may not be included in the paper.

    Peace & Love

      1. Did you not hear about this? I will try to find an article on it. I think the Church may be trying to keep it on the low-down. I will tell you whatever is not covered and what I know.

      2. Yeah, I was kind’a making a case for him to my mum. I gave him the life of a possible veteran of at least one tour in Afghanistan, if not two. He might be unemployed, and now they are cutting food stamps to all single able bodied men to $0. He could also be suffering PTSD, and not be able to get VA care, as I know the VA isn’t that great here. He could have also lost his family, as many women have had to get divorces, not because they are not in love, but because being a single woman, with kids, will afford her more in aide than being a married woman with a non-working husband. These are just some things I have heard about, and they may really relate to this man.
        I also noted how it appears he is familiar with our Temple for certain reasons. He knew when the last session was, as he came when every one was closing down. He knew to ask for a Book of Mormon to get the woman to leave the desk, as they don’t keep many up front. He also knew about the atrium, which many people don’t even know about. I worked in the Temple before it opened, so I got to see all the nooks and crannies.
        So these are my theories.
        Whatever the case is, it is very sad.

        Peace & Love

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