Suh-ran Wrap Constant


It is a proven fact( that means it happens to me every year) that when I take the leftover turkey out of the oven, where it’s been sitting all night because everyone knows that leftover turkey spoils at a much slower rate than “regular” food and tastes better after at least 24 hours of aging in the open air.

The fact that is proven and has never failed, is when you have placed all of the leftovers in their respective Tupperware thingee’s and wrapped the curing turkey meat in Suh-ran wrap, you place them in the fridge on top of all the other live culture that has been waiting for the bio-hazard team to dispose of (teenagers) for the past week, then you decide that you want a piece of turkey….just a little stuffing maybe…or maybe a piece of sweet potater pie and have to unwrap it….again. Because….you are not satisfied with just a piece o’ turkey or slice o’ pie or spoonful of stuffing. You have to unwrap everything and make a plate. 

It can’t be helped…..You MUST eat all of the leftovers. 

I suggest buying stock in Suh-Wran wrap and Tupperware 1 month before Thanksgiving next year and dumping it on Thanksgiving Day and making millions of dollars.

I am fighting the urge to go get some Cranberry Sauce and stuffing with a little Candied Yams on the side.

I think I’m losing the fight….maybe just a little Apple pie…..or some deviled eggs.

Well rounded Breakfast of Champions.

9 thoughts on “Suh-ran Wrap Constant”

  1. Does turkey left over night in the oven actually taste better?
    As for the other’s kinda difficult to wrap up curries…which are usually the staples for festivities here..

  2. Our thanksgiving this year was a little more involved. Thanks to caving in to various requests from friends and family. Some wanted a roasted beast and seafood paella added to the bird with all it’s entourage. Same thing with dessert. Aside from apple pie and pumpkin pie, we had crack pie (like the one they serve at Momofuku), chocolate cake and a Napoleon cake…. It was all too much!

    But we survived….

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