The Burning


Wars and rumors of war….

Why do neighbors slay?

For religion I spit

And curse it’s holy name

Different dogma brings a lust for blood

Reach out death with your impartial hand for the righteous flood

We’re so blessed to waken unto crisp silent morning air

Not the stench of guts and the reek of burning hair

I can go to the market, wedding or race car track

With only an angry passing thought that I must watch my back

Our life is different since 2001 and 9

When all seemed fair to partly

Not a troubled thought of mind

Why do they kill people of their very town

Sending them to a place of no recorded proof nor renown

They take it all literally from scripture and testify

That theirs is the last word and cannot be denied

Kill! Kill! Kill! the unholy infidels

Wipe out all the people down the street

Believer or heretic, who can tell?

It’s all hypocrisy and the worst possible kind of sin

When there is no concern for strangers, no thought of house nor kin

Thousands of years they’ve fought, and laid their countries low

And still haven’t grasped the fact that war is hell

Why does God allow it, or does he even know?

My faith tells me that God has a plan

But does he consider the deaths of so many innocent men

I question God and I try to ask him why

The book tell’s me to have faith

But doesn’t tell me why

So much blood and tears are shed over interpretation

To explain God’s mind and will seems to be lost in it’s translation

Kill! Kill! Kill! They cry to purify their faith

As dead children pile up in the streets, while we watch and wait

Allah taught you better, for I have read him too

He laid it all out simple, his passion thus was true 

His words have been twisted and blasphemed by those that call his sacred name

Twisted bodies and tortured souls will be weighed against those who cause this shame.

I pray and pray for you but I’m only a Christian whore

Not one of your faith,  so mockingly we’re ignored

There is one basic rule that pervades every holy script I’ve seen

“Love thy neighbor as thyself, as my love for thee has been”








10 thoughts on “The Burning”

  1. I asked once “why” God let’s all the hate and destruction continue in the His name for His name
    I heard from somewhere, one of those whispers I hear on the wind?
    “I don’t … is the free will of mankind to decide if they shall live in love or hate, for no religion is wrong or right, it just is for that one energy to experience in this moment of now….what the energy does with their free will in their faith shows the heavens and earth what they are made of….it will all balance out when the destination arrives for them….”
    I wonder if they will have learned the lessons they came to seek….
    I wondered if any one person was to ask God the same thing, would they hear what i did?
    I am not sure….I died and came back once….I know what I believe is right for me in this moment for the Angel I was with told me so in showing me …me

    your words are filled with emotions of soul…of the spirit expanding to evolve into the soul we connect with on the otherside…
    in its sadness, in its wonder, it is truly beautiful….the last to lines say it all as it is meant to be…
    Thank you for sharing…..I enjoyed your energy as I wandered within the thoughts you speak so eloquently
    Take Care…You Matter…

      1. it is a good quote to remind us of our faith….for I haven’t…but then I still have faith man will the over used word of “awaken”
        I see and hear it, yes we slip backwards or visit Alice and the MadHatter sometimes, but we are human…so it is to be that way…

  2. I agree with isn’t God’s’s ours…we have free will and every day and every moment we choose. One can go much deeper than that…we can say that each one of us is responsible for it, we contribute to the fear which makes up the mass consciousness, we can also take a big step back and consider it being part of a bigger plan…the Universe is infinite and each one of us has a part to play…just like each planet, system…it’s all energy…in flux, just as we are. One can also wonder if what is being reported is skewed. That though there are major disasters, man made or not, there are also many, many little miracles and big ones too…which aren’t shown in the news. Because good news rarely sells. So the media feeds our fear…and we feed the fear of the world and it continues like a vicious cycle…

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