Go slow in Snow

3 pix from my very slow drive thru Mt. Hood National Forest in Oregon. In 10 miles I went thru sun, rain, snow and sleet.
Oh, and the wind was gusting around 60 miles an hour.
Typical day for a trucker…


Bad to worse…


At the break neck speed of 17 mph!
Beautiful though this world.
Don’t ‘cha think?

17 thoughts on “Go slow in Snow”

  1. The one time I visited Portland it was in July. It was 90 and sunny in the city. About an hour later, I stood outside a lodge up Mount Hood in the snow, drinking a delicious Henry Weinhard beer. I loved Mount Hood on that day, but that trip down in a tour bus on dry ground had me holding my breath, so I get your point.

      1. That’s when you know they’re serious about the grades. Gets my attention, that’s fer sure. I thought they looked like ski jumps today, then thought they would make excellent tubing Hills!

      1. I was just thinking…. you were driving and taking pictures at the same time!!! LOL Those were gorgeous though! I love the mountains and snow… well, cold wet snow for a while as long as I have the proper attire on… otherwise, I like it from inside!

  2. Oh my goodness those snow covered trees are GORGEOUS (imagines having a yard full of em and throwing Christmas lights all over them for 9 months of the year)

    and and.. keep safe driving in those conditions! It looks like 17mph is a fairly reasonable speed – I’d probably pull over till the snow cleared up. (one would hope it doesn’t snow all year round eh, or I would never get anything delivered being a trucker)

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