I’m a Nominee!!



I have received 2 awards this month.

I don’t know exactly why, because most of my stories are INANE (Right Rene’?) LOL!

I am very flattered that any of y’all take the time out of your busy days to peruse my blog.

I understand why of course, but I appreciate it nonetheless….

I got the nomination for the “Versatile Blogger” award from Mark Bialczak

Mark had kind things to say of my stories and I believed them all!

Thx Mark!! Smooth talker….

The most recent award I was nominated for was from Annetbell

She is a former teacher and knows great talent when she see’s it…..Talent scout!

Seriously….Thx y’all!

I’ll remember all the little people when I get rich and famous!

I am trying to make a lists of the blogs I like and which one’s to put here as directed. But, I like them all! I haven’t ran across one, single blog in WordPress or the Community Storyboard family that I wouldn’t recommend to my followers!

And I’m being serious! (For more exposure on my blog, please send check or money order. Size of bribe will determine exposure).

When I complete my list of AWESOME Blogs, I will make up a whole new posts about it, and shower all of my nominees with all the glamour I can manage!

So….Stay tuned.

Oh, just some quick shoutouts to my steady homies! NayNay, scottishmomus, katie, mark, annet, lilith, shreejacob, whispersFMH, inavukic, quiall, the englishproffessor, MsTranquility and MsLou, annetbell and markbialczak!

Your opinions mean everything to me.
– Trey

P.S I swear I’ll follow the rules next time.

9 thoughts on “I’m a Nominee!!”

  1. Hahahaah! Congratulations and well deserved!

    Thank you for the shout out too! So…ahem..where do I send my contribution to? Though I’m afraid it may be of a “virtual” kind πŸ˜›

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