Pretty Flowers


War is wrong
War is murder
War is waste
A few men can wreak war
Many boys to the call
None to argue of who’s wrong or who’s right
Hells garden in blossom, petals of razor
Stems of wire…
Conquered blood makes the best fertilizer
For kingdoms to grow
The Pale Rider tends the garden bearing his dark blade
Man reap, Man sow
Did the earth shudder when the first drop of Abels murdered blood stained her brow?
Bleed not for Babel
Nor of Sodom, or Bale
The pretty flowers bloom black in this Garden of hell
We are losing our children
Their chance to grow
But we continue to lay them dead
On bloody paths, neat silent rows
Stop killing our young
And dimming their eyes
Let them live out
What you casually toss aside
Give them light
Give them love
Pretty Flowers to grow
Keep them from adding to Hells Gardens long white crossed rows

One thought on “Pretty Flowers”

  1. Wow.

    This one gets you to think.

    I might have a different view of war. Maybe because I am from a military family, or, my sense of justice for the downtrodden??? Rulers like Sadaam Huessin and Osama Bin Laden are cruel men who use violence to rule… Talking hasn’t softened their resolve only bloodshed. Is that the true answer? I don’t know if we’ll ever know.

    Good does come out of war. The people of Iraq were rescued… they even thanked American soldiers for taking down Sadaam Huessin (That was Iraq, wasn’t it?).

    Evil is expunged (for a period of time) through war.
    I understand why evil is present in this world, and while it may continue to be present it doesn’t mean we allow it to rule.

    Evil men/women will always continue to spread their disease… those who suffer underneath their hands will always continue to cry out for help… I believe, IMHO, God uses war to answer those cries…

    Just a thought.

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