Mind Clutter

This is one of my oldest posts that I have revamped and improved for the new followers and old ones…and I mean that literally.

Now, leave me alone….I’m tired.

I hope you enjoy the trip….


Here I am…

Standing in my kitchen…

Like a dumbass.

My hands are at my hips (representing the grandmother)

My eyes are scanning the floor at my feet (representing me at 10)

And my mind is blank… trying to recall where I put something (representing most of the human race over 40)

I fell into this predicament because I tried to multi-task without the required software in my brain. An update that I failed to update….

Now, I am in the “Me Baffled” zone. The brains blue screen of death…download (81)

Here’s how it happened:

I had been home (my RV) for a day now and it was time to do the laundry.

I loaded up the rancid menswear into a basket, dug through the drawers for quarters, made sure I had my Tide and Bounce (sounds like a Dub step) Anyways…

I plunged into the brutal South Arkansas heat, plodding through the humidity that hung about me like a lead cloak, fighting off the Bedouin Tribe…..wait… that last parts not true. Got carried away…sorry.

Real time: Jesus, Joseph and Mary! ADHD sux!

I make it to the wash room after dropping 5 lbs and a minor stroke.

I’m better now thanks.

To hurry this along, I did my laundry.

Went and got my laundry.

Bought 2 cokes and placed them into the basket in opposite corners, next to each of my hands.download (73)

That’s where it started to get screwy I think, because I put the basket down on my front steps and grabbed the hose (the crinkly green one As Seen On TV) and watered my plants. Of course in this heat, it evaporated within minutes. Useless.

I then opened my front door, grabbed the basket, set it inside, and shut the door.

That’s when I noticed the envelope on my table I had brought in earlier on one of my desert treks to the park laundry.

Picking it up…”Capitol One?” I hummed…tossing it into the trash…”What’s in your wallet?” I chuckled to myself appreciating my humoristic expertise… (is that a word? I’ll Google it later)

After depositing the letter into the “outgoing” mail, I returned my attention to the clean clothes. Bending over toward the basket, I noticed something odd…

“Where are the Cokes?”

I looked in the before mentioned corners…No cokes

I took out each item of folded apparel…Nada

The bottom of the basket was bare…Nyet…Neine!

That’s when I stood and entered into the posture and bafflement described at the beginning of this narrative.

“What the hell..?” I said out loud, looking around.

Crap…here we go again.

[ Scene: Inside Treys head] [Layout of Treys head: Picture a dimly lit Submarine Operations center (we’ll call it “the Con”)]

Chekov: “Sir! We’ve got a gap!”

Captain Nemo: “Gap…? Again…? I thought we worked that out?”

Bo Derek: “Evidently we missed something sir”

Nemo: “No shit Sherlock”

Scene: Bo Derek runs down the beach in a beige one piece.

Real time: See what I have to put up with?

Real time: Jesus, Joseph and Mary! ADHD sux!

Nemo: “Okay, let’s heat ‘er up…rig for red and begin sweep”

Chekov: “Aye sir…rigging for red…Initiating power to core for sweep…”

Real time: I slowly start to rotate my body in a counter-clockwise motion. Looking around my immediate area with growing….bafflement. I have not moved from this spot since I set down the basket.  

**Remember to keep the look of bafflement on my face until I tell you otherwise…okay?

Chekov: “Power optimal sir, ready for array sweep”

Captain Picard: “Make it so Number One”

Vienna Boys Choir: “Aye sir”

Real time: Plagiaristic Bastard is I !!

Real time: As I continue to spin around…yes…still in bafflement…I slowly raise my arms to a crucifix position, splaying my fingers like trying to palm a Basketball. download (75)

But…now…for some reason I am making noises. I am 48 years old…I am spinning around …with my arms extended and out of my pursed, baffled lips is coming a sound like…”rumrumrumrumrum…”


Chekov: “Array deployed sir, power rerouted to array splay”

Nemo: “That is good…cargo?”

Angelina Jolie: “Nothing on the scope sir, shall I return to your quarters and get in a hot, steamy shower with lots of soapy suds?”

Nemo/Chekov/Vienna Boys Choir: “Make it so”download (78)

Real time: Jesus, Joseph and Mary! ADHD sux!

Sean Connery/SS TreysHead Science Officer: “Captain…may I suggest a reboot of the Ganglia matrix, predominantly covering the Pre-Frontal grid?”

Nemo: “What will that accomplish?”

Connery: “Just a way to clear the junk files that the Capital One bug infected sir”download (76)

Real time: still spinning, arms out…”rumrumrumrumrum”

Nemo: “Chekov…power dispersal…pressure? Analysis…?”

Chekov: Minimal power loss sir…But, pressure has risen to 150 over 100….she’s stable for now”

Real time: “She’s…?

Nemo: “Initiate File dispersal”

Sophia Loren: “Aye sir” (her hair is messy and it’s humid in here….she needs a shower)download (77)

Real time: I come to a stop from my spinning. I sit down. I open my eyes wider to let in more light, to sharpen my focus.

Connery: “Shut down the Optic Array Chekov, you know this unit has a hard time doing 2 things at once”

Chekov: “Yes sir…sorry sir”

[Scene] Captain’s quarters…steam rising… silhouettes moving behind the door…

What the hell…Focus Trey!!images (95)

Real time: “Okay…” I mumble. “I know I have not moved from this spot…its only 6’ in a 360 degree circle…” “What the crap did I do with them?”

I’m getting kind of freaked out now. Got to be Dementia…or a blood clot.

Nemo: “Stabilize that pressure mister…”

Donald Duck: “Aye sir” (you know how he talks)

Real Time: I am literally stressing now…I don’t know what in the hell…or how in the hell…those Cokes vanished!

Plus, I’m starting to get pissed.

Nemo: “Update?”

Chekov: “She’s right on the line sir…but holding”

Charlton Heston: “Dammit man!…specifics!”images (93)

Real Time; What is up with this “She” crap!?

Chekov: “The file dump has finished sir, the optical and splayed array were blank…we got nothing sir”

Nemo/Heston/Connery: “Damn!”

Marilyn Monroe: “Sir…shall I slowly bend over and pick up this pen you dropped?”images (94)

Nemo/Heston/Picard/Connery/Vienna Boys Choir: “Make it so!

Real time: Jesus, Joseph and Mary! ADHD sux!

Nemo: “Connery…? Suggestions?”

Connery:” …Wipe it”

Heston: “Dammit man! Wipe it? Are you mad?”

Connery: “It’s the only way to correct our course Captain…If we continue to maintain this heading the ship will be lost sir”

Nemo: “Chekov my old son…would you be kind enough to…wipe it?”

Devo: “Wipe it good!”download (79)

RT:  ”Screw this….I’m not sitting here freaking out about this…it’ll drive me nuts! Forget it…they’ll pop up…I probably didn’t even buy the damn things!!!”

Nemo: ” Heading?”

Chekov: “Insanity Bay sir, up-river from the Port of Denial”

Nemo: “Steady as she goes…”

There it goes again…she?

RT: I stand up and take the laundry basket (refilled with thoroughly searched, and re-folded clothes) into the bedroom. Placing the basket on my bed, I return to the kitchen.

I step to the sink to run water for dishes. I add the soap…

Watching bubbles now…dementia coming on fast…

What was I talking about…?


I look at the drainer…”hmmm, better empty that first” I muse.

I pick up the lid of my skillet….

Guess what’s there…?

Yep…Sum Beach!!!

2 Cokes…how in the hell…?

[Scene: Deck of SS TreysHead] Pandemonium

Alarm screeching…lights flashing…people screaming…Sophia and Angelina in the shower together…wait…

Real time: Jesus, Joseph and Mary! ADHD sux!

I stand here…shaking my head…baffled.

Unable to deal with this new input.download (82)


How…in…the…hell, did they get in there? There is no F***N way.

I have absolutely no recall of that instant. None!

There is only one thing to do now.

Buy some Ensure…and diapers. And wait for the home.download (80)

But first things first…

What was I just doing? I start to look around for my laundry basket…

Where the hell did I….?

8 thoughts on “Mind Clutter”

  1. This was probably the most enjoyable post I have read in this week. 😀 Loved it.
    ADHD Sucks but let me tell you, it is the most productive thing in the world. 🙂

  2. So that’s what goes on in the mind during the lost moments! I have found misplaced items in the fridge, dishwasher, you name it…..Too may things going on in the mind at the same time….obviously. I don’t tend to fantasise about all those women though! 😉 x

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