As My Pen Gently Weeps


 I scored the winning touchdown during a junior varsity football game.

It was a 58 yard touchdown.

My first touchdown.

There was only 1:16 left on the clock in the 4th quarter.

I was the hero for the next day.

Then, life went on….

 I was working on a power plant as an Ironworker. I was sitting on top of the highest steel point of the structure, 340’ above the ground.

2 fighter planes from a nearby base had been using our construction site as a mock target for about a month.

This particular day, they flew by the building so low and so slow, I saw one of the pilots throw me a salute as they passed. I waved back.

Then, life went on…

My daughter was born, and we gave her a name that was on the front of a baby name book sitting beside my wife’s bed.

Stephanie, all grown up.

 We called her “Copyright 1985”. No, not really. Her beautiful name is Stephanie.

She doesn’t call me daddy anymore. She doesn’t call me at all.

That doesn’t stop me loving her though.

I call her every day in my mind.

Life goes on.

Of course I remember when both my son’s were born, but not with as much clarity as the first.

I had started drinking by then.

I don’t remember how or why I started, but I can assure you that it robbed me of memories.

Maybe I shouldn’t say “robbed’.  

I’ll say “I gave them away”

I have some idea why I started, but I can’t blame that on my wife or the new responsibilities of a father.

 I won’t even blame the sexual abuse, my Bi-polar dad or my depressed mother with abuse in her childhood.

I just can’t remember why I started to drink.Image

I will write about particular occurrences or what I can recall of them in later posts.

Something happened the other day that surprised me and made me look at myself in a different light.

It made me ashamed of myself, but also helped me to realize that this is what sober people probably thought of me….through their eyes.

I have started following a blog from Catherine Lyon, a recovering “Gambling” addict.

Catherine had read and commented on one of my ‘sad’ posts. I pulled up her site to return the courtesy and to see what she was all about.

When I saw that she was a gambling addict, I began to explore some of the details she was giving about her life and addiction.  

Do you know what the first thought in my freaking mind was….?

How in the hell can someone be addicted to gambling?

That’s just stupid….throwing your money away like that!

I have no concept of someone “NEEDING” to buy a lottery ticket or “NEEDING” to play a slot machine!

I didn’t have that problem.

I can take it or leave it.

The only reason I even buy a lottery ticket or two during the year is mainly because I have a dollar or two left over from a purchase, or I’m bored.

Can you believe I actually thought that?

Me…? A freaking alcoholic, judging the merits of someone else’s weakness or addiction!

I hate hypocrites!  I HATE BEING A HYPOCRITE!!!

What do gamblers say about alcoholics then?Image

Maybe they say…. “How in the hell can someone be addicted to getting drunk?”

“That’s just stupid….throwing your life away like that!”

It’s amazing isn’t it? I’m sitting here shaking my head as I type this and seeing myself a little better.

Of course I look handsome in the mirror, but I obviously need a little work on the inside.

I cannot believe that I was judging other addicts….or anybody come to think of it.

I think I’m gonna get tattoos on the back of my hands that say “Judge not”.

I’m such an asshole sometimes….

I cannot and never will understand why people say that they are addicted to porn, but if porn can be addictive…..I can say that it is REAL IN THEIR MIND.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been in a bar and looked across the counter and seen my evil twin Tray in the mirror behind the bartender, staring back at me thru rows of bottles, shaking his head….a sad look on his face.

He say’s “How in the hell did we get back in here?”

Addiction can happen AT ANY TIME!


It’s not enough to keep your distance from ‘addictive’ things. You have to actively be on the alert for anything that may ‘tempt’ you.

Needful things….

“I’m not an alcoholic” I said as I pulled myself from the dumpster in the alley behind the bar.

“I’m not an alcoholic” I said as I lay in that water-filled ditch outside a bar.

“I’m not an alcoholic” I said for the rest of my life…..

If I couldn’t believe it, how can I fault other people for not believing me?Image

I have actually stood in front of a beer cooler physically shaking, and contemplating stealing beer because I just realized it is a Sunday and there are ‘No Beer Sales on Sunday’.

I have actually bribed and succeeded sometimes in getting a cashier to sell me beer after hours or on Sundays. Most times the ‘gratuity’ costs more than the beer did.

I only needed enough to get thru the day you see….

It’s been 2 years since I have had a serious binge. But, I’m going to tell you a secret….

My mouth is watering….I want a beer.

I want a beer bad.

I’m typing this, trying to recall instances of binges and my fucking mouth starts to water….

That…is how close I am to relapse.

On the edge of a razor soaked in alcohol.

I start to think about it, my body STARTS TO CRAVE……

I am actually feeling my body get that ‘anticipation’ feeling all addicts/alcoholics experience.

“He’s thinking about it! That’s a good sign” says the monster inside me.

Weird…and scary.

But for now…I’m fighting it.

You see….My FEAR is greater than my need. I’ll use anything that works.

But I also know that fear subsides with time….and, I KNOW me.

My pen gently weeps…..

As I write this, I just realized that I must be living in constant fear.

I have to…The “need” is always here….my shadow.

“I can’t go back….I won’t go back…I will never touch it again”….has said every addict/alcoholic.

What a life, my life.

I am sorry that I judged Catherine’s blog and her gambling addiction.

I’m sorry that I was a hypocrite.

But, I’m glad that I was able to recognize this when it happened.

Usually an addict or alcoholictakes a lot more time to figure out that they’re being assholes or truly care about anyone else’s feelings.

You see, every true addict/alcoholic will tell you that we are a selfish lot.

The crux of it is…. Is that we DON’T WANT TO BE THIS WAY.

“Then stop doing it…Change!” say the regular people.

We try every day….every minute.

“Saints are sinners that never quit trying”Image

Alcoholics/addicts aren’t sinners, at least as far as our addictions go.

We’re just people….that have lost our way at some point on this narrow path called life.

Step 1: We admitted we were powerless over alcohol/addiction—that our lives had become Unmanageable.

I’m sorry fellow addicts/alcoholics that I was judgmental….

Does that mean I’m getting normal again!!?? LOL!!!

There is one thing extra I’d like to share with you dear readers.

Something that I have just realized at this moment, as I was trying to end this post.

This blog that I have created….

These stories that I tell….

These memories that I share….

Keep me humble, and aware of my feelings.

I honestly believe that writing keeps me sober.

So…thank you all for being my new addiction!

I crave you…. LOL!!

Are you available this Sunday?

17 thoughts on “As My Pen Gently Weeps”

  1. you keep you sober..not your writing, not your kids, not your memories not your hope for the future. every single time u make the choice to fight through the craving you save yourself. it wont ever stop but it gets easier. you being aware IS the battle. it is what will make you succeed when so many others fail. believe u can do it..not tomorrow or the next day..but today..all you have to do is get through it today…

  2. I’m throwing my life away on chocolate chip cookies. I have “heavy drinkers” in my family. No admitted alcoholics. The fact the line between those is blurred is a shame. If there were a blood test for it, it would be easier to accept. Like you don’t understand the need to gamble, I don’t understand the need for alcohol, but I see it. I feel that. Your writing is so powerful. That part of you, that voice, that is the voice that needs to shout out. And keep shouting. Thanks for coming to my site. I try to create joy. Celebrate magic. I’m trying to get published! LOL We’ll see… Warmly, Brenda

    I’m SO proud of you right NOW! AN THAT’S HOW IT’S DONE BABY! When we truly admit to ourselves we may have a problem, the LIGHT BULB goes Off and we have an “AWE HAW” Moment. What you wrote here is Beautifully Painful,……But an important step for YOU. I know you have the power inside you that YOU didn’t know you had, now all you need is the Knowledge of how to recovery. When we begin to accept our flaws & character defects, it will open your heart and mind to so many things you never thought possible Trey. Thank You too for the mention, your kind words, and telling how you feel, good or bad, as it is always accepted. SEE, after I wrote and published my “Personal Story of my addiction to gambling, sexual abuse as a little girl, and abuse by others, and all the Family Secrets that tore my family apart, it was healing to write it, but freed MY SOUL from all the old “ANGER, Grudges, being a Victim, abuse, and learned I was STRONGER then any Addiction.

    I had nothing to hide, and quite frankly…..I was tired of hiding behind Anonymous. WHY? Because I don’t care what others say or think about me. MY HONEST RECOVERY AFFORDS ME THAT! It’s now about helping others who still suffer, and are stuck on the that ENDLESS “CYCLE” of addiction, and suffer mental & emotional illness. I always say, “No matter what type of life you have, or have been through, we ALL have a STORY to tell”……and you my friend should start writing YOURS.

    Hugs & Blessings Trey! XoXo
    Author, Catherine Townsend-Lyon

      1. I’m playing catch up on Blogs reading today! I’ll go see yours 1st….*HAPPY SUNDAY* PS….Anytime you need a Boost? Email me…. I’ll be there for you BABY! 🙂 *Cat*

  4. When you write like this there is nothing better. It is from the heart, still with humour and as true as any arrow could fly. Beautiful, in fact. One day at a time for all of us. life just comes like that. One moment at time even better. Keep it up. You are in recovery. And you are helping others. Truly great post, Trey.x

  5. I am on a roll here, reading about your past in one sitting…You write beautifully…because it’s from the heart…no BS…no trying to impress…just raw and real. Parts I can actually hear your voice and when you laugh too. I sad down at AA meeting supporting close family and I admired the honesty, the raw genuine not sugar coated stories. Now that, to me is real class. I didn’t like the Alanon much…although it takes many groups to find the one that feels right and there was one where there were daughters, wives, grandparents…a huge family wanting to learn how to help but mostly how to not feel responsible. It took a few times to quit smoking and man, that`s a difficult addiction to kick. What helped me was thinking of people I love who quit drinking and they were my model to kick that habit. I do have an addiction though and it is writing…but it makes me feel good and it is healthy:)

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