Star Light Star Bright


I am at the bottom of a dark and quiet well

The light above is a pin prick against an Azure sky

I can see a star though, a blink of beauty hanging like a portrait in heavens hall.

A lovely canvas for me alone.


I know that I have dug this well of my own free will.

But, I had not the foresight to leave myself a way out.

It’s a lot easier to go down than up.

It’s the momentum you see….

The speed of the descent.

It is a fine well that I have created I must admit.

Solid flat walls…..

Deep and water-tight.

Barbed wire around the lip.

It holds screams just as well.

Echo’s die when touched by light.

I am floating in tears, my toes barely touching bottom…

But…..I’m still ‘touching’ the bottom.

Just a little more despair, and my strength will fail….

I will sink and die, die alone.

My eyes stare at the star and I want to touch it.

But my finger-nails are gone.

I don’t want to smear blood across the sky….

I have tried to climb out of my well so many times, and have never found a grip.

This is a good well…..

This is a good hole….

“Help me’’ is my whisper.

“Help yourself” says the Echo’s.

“The water is getting deeper” I say

“Then quit crying” says the Echo’s.

“How can I get out of this place?” I asked

“The same way you got in” said the Echo’s

“I dug this well myself, there is no way out” says I.

“There is always a way out” said the Echo’s.Image

“I can’t do it….I am a good digger, the only way out is to fly.” I said….

“Then believe that you can, and you will fly” sang the Echo’s.

I then beheld a trickle of star light fall across my eyes and lovingly brush my lips.

It tasted like glory…spiced with promises.

“I cannot fly” I said, “I do not have that faith in myself, but I still have some resolve left in my heart”

“It is the same thing” whispered the Echo’s….

I pushed from the bottom and reached up….

One last try…..

“Do or die” sang the Echo’s…..

I grasped the rope of star-light; the Echo’s held their breath.

I drew the Azure sky to me as I climbed, kicking free from the tears and death.

There were lots more stars than I thought or had ever seen.

They all threw ropes of light to me and pulled with all their might.

To draw this once missing man into a world created by fire

And polished into a jewel so bright.

I am filling the well back in with hard work, sweat and blood.

“It’s good to be back in the world” I said, wiping heart diamonds from my eyes.

“It’s good” a God once said.

25 thoughts on “Star Light Star Bright”

    1. Hmmmm…you’re right! I didn’t even think about that until you brought it up….You’re so smart.
      I have no idea why you trouble yourself with me….

      1. Well, I have to appeal to the masses so they tell me I am smart. Where to you think I get my big ego from? Surely not from the damn paper on the wall (degrees and certificates). That is all just really really expensive wallpaper.

      2. But it looks good…..
        I think you get your ego from yourself. I think that you suffer fro the same indignations I do….
        Worshiping myself against my own will….

      3. Come to think of it, I do sorta’ dig me. I am pretty cool, kind, sweet, humble, smart, tough, humble, good writer, etc. Yeah, you are probably right, I do build my own ego. So, what do I need you for? Esplain please. Oh, and I am funny. I knew I forgot something important on my list. LOL

    2. What are you doing? Rampaging thru my stuff? I hope so….I think my favorite story on the funny side is “Oh Crap” but….my most favorite is ….Let me think….”Holy Ground” or ” In a Flash”.

      1. Fun, I am sure. It caught me by surprise, as I got used to the other one. But, I can adapt. I am sure it brings back great memories.
        Have you checked out my new look yet?

    1. Thx kiddo! Here’s an additional line I might just add. Like I told you before, sometimes things you say give me inspiration….
      “The well may be covered but the ground is always soft where it lies”

      1. You’re welcome…
        That line… is a slippery slope which is why awareness is so I’m beginning to realise..

        Take care and be safe 🙂

        Oh..I don’t really know your taste in music BUT since you’re trying out meditation…I’m listening to this awesome music compilation on youtube and thought to share. No worries if not your sort of music..and uhmm..may not be safe for driving..hehe

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