I Am The Destroyer of Worlds: Bhagavad Gita

I’ve been reading some more history tomes lately and I just finished the 2 fantastic works of Herman Wouk: “The Winds of War” and “War and Remembrance” which I highly recommend.

There is a lot more behind the scenes of the Manhattan Project, The Trinity Test, subsequent propaganda films and personal appearances of Oppenheimer across the media in the U.S and around the world.

At first, Oppenheimer was joyous at his success for a short time, because he understood that other than making bombs, there were so many other applications for this new energy source, that it had limitless potential….

Then….I think it finally dawned on him as he understood more…..

The Potentials……

What he had wrought…..

The U.S Government hounded him for the rest of his life for being a possible security risk.

Can you believe that….?

But during this interview, which struck me hard when I watched it for the first time….I can see a lost man. A haunted man…..

Try to imagine yourself at Los Alamos, New Mexico watching something that has never ever happened in the history of man kind….Man made…..

Not knowing if it would even happen….Or if it would blow up the atmosphere and wipe out the earth…..

How long do you think the 10 second countdown lasted for Dr. Oppenheimer?

Do you think it’s still ticking down….?

12 thoughts on “I Am The Destroyer of Worlds: Bhagavad Gita”

  1. I have often felt sorry for Dr. Oppenheimer. I have read the books you mentioned as well. They were scary, but so real. I would not mind being smarter, but I would hate for anything I ever created, said, or wrote to be used to hurt others.

    …and you are well read as well. Hmmm…you are elevating yourself in my eyes. I will be watching you!

    Peace & Love

      1. In all seriousness, do not say that. You are so not the ‘dumb ole truck driver’. Believe me, I know one or two who really are.
        Are you headed to your family in Utah?

      1. I’d like to thank the academy…. Does this mean I have 2 stars also? I’m about to go nite nite here in Central Colorado or else I’d jump on it and return the favor.
        What do you mean, odd?
        I’m INANE according to Rene’ and Scottishmomus! Lol!

      2. By odd I mean “slightly askew” or, “not exactly like anybody I’ve ever read before.” And you have as many stars as times you’ve been nominated for the award. As much as I am an avid follower, dude, I don’t keep track of your awards just yet. Have a good sleep and get where you need to be for Christmas. Merry and Happy, Trey.

      3. I forgive your lackadaisical approach to my honorifics. I too will hope yours is Merry, and don’t shoot the fat guy in the chimney….

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