Citizens of the World: Post #1


Where does fault actually lie in a lie?

When there is no trust, why do people still try?

When all hope is gone, why do they pray?

Why isn’t advice taken when asked for, freely given away?

Are opinions only for the opinionated?

Why is normal going out of style?

What purpose does war serve when a cup of tea and a conversation will prevent it?

If we know who are evil why don’t we kill them?

Why do we eat meat when we don’t have to anymore?

Why are weapons necessary when peace is a phone call away?

Is man in the top ten species of this planet?

How can we claim to know beauty when we can’t even fly?

How can we say that we create art and culture when we can’t even breathe downtown?

How can we say that we are masters of the universe when we can’t even understand each other ?

Webster told us what words mean, but who told him?

How come no one has built a pyramid in 3000 Year’s and why did they stop in the first place?

Why did the architects leave?

Why do we spend millions on a baseball player and can’t build a homeless shelter, feed the hungry, teach job skills…. Find lost children?

How can a child just disappear?

How come we can spend millions on a football team and nothing for our schools?

Wouldn’t it be great if it didn’t matter where you go to school because they are all good?

Why did they lie about putting a man on the moon?

Why did they drop the 2nd A-bomb when they didn’t have to?

Why is alcohol still available for sale and kills more people than murder or disease?

Why are there always more questions than answers?

5 thoughts on “Citizens of the World: Post #1”

    1. I believe so. Look at the facts. Why would a civilization abandon a success of such magnitude? I believe it was done as a diversion when they learned and implemented lessons from other sources. Roswell, new Mexico for one.

  1. Are you asking these questions for the first time or have you been thinking about them for a long time? The answer to all of them is this: humans are barely out of the dark ages, barely civilized, some not civilized at all, and we are a species in our infancy. Fortunately, our creator(s) know this and still have patience, love, and tolerance for the often savage, ugly, cognitively deformed, ignorant, fearful species that can sometimes be human with compassion, genuis, and great love for all.

  2. Many of these questions I have asked myself before, but still got no answers. I probably should have asked a lot more people. Of course, you realize that many situations could be remedied by common sense, but that is asking too much, it seems, as passion or greed or both seem to outlaw it. Ah, humanity!

  3. The English Professor brings up an interesting side note: Where has common sense gone? I don’t mind so much that normal is changing or disappearing; it is overrated and a box we put ourselves in. So, where are the answers, ‘cuz I want to pass this test?

    Peace & Love

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