Inane Pizza: The birth thereof…


“Giuseppe!? What ara weuh agonna doa wit deesa messa ona da floora?!”

“Richardo, sweep it upuh ontuh deesa peesa left over pasta anduh we willa chuck it intouha de oven! ”

Sweep-uh  Sweep-uh  Sweep-uh

Chuck-uh Chuck-uh Chuck-uh

” Giuseppe!? Deesa peesa pie smella magnifico! ”

” Takeuh smalla biteuh Richardo, uh telluh me ifitissuh goooda! ”

Bite-uh Bite-uh  Bite-uh

” Umm, eetsa numma numma Giuseppe! ”

” I betta u eetsa better wit uh tomato sawsa!”

Smear-uh  Smear-uh  Smear-uh

Chomp-uh  Chomp-uh   Chomp-uh!

“Giuseppe!? Thatsuh spicy meataballuh! ”

” Calluh u couzin De Godfather Domino Uhpapa Johnuh! ”

Ring-uh Ring-uh Ring-uh

” Starbucks…. ”

” SACRE BLEU! MON DIEU! ” screams Richardo de Chevalier Montague eh pey sohm merde!

” Dima Summanuhbitches Richardo! ”

Bet you didn’t know I am multi-lingual!

6 thoughts on “Inane Pizza: The birth thereof…”

      1. Oh forgive me, I know you are an artietist. Something like that.
        You know you crave them though, no matter where de be from.

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