Quotable Poetry


“To each his own…”
Unless I want it

“When the tough get going… ”
I push ’em down the stairs

” Every man for himself…”
As long as I’m first

“Love thy neighbor…. ”
Restraining order says I can’t anymore

” Put one foot in front of the other… ”
Then shove’ em when you trip their ass!

” If at first you don’t succeed… ”
Blame someone else and lie lie again!

” Come all ye that labour and are heavy laden… ”
YOU come here, this shits heavy!

” Shake a leg…. ”
Especially if you pee on your shoe

“Patience is a virtue….”
Not required or expected

“Put me in the game coach….! ”
No, you suck!

“The truth will set you free…. ”
Said Nelson Mandela after 27 years….

7 thoughts on “Quotable Poetry”

    1. Wow…. She doth favor me.
      Lo I feared Twas her ghost sent to trouble me, and lay me down at deaths heel
      Perhaps a single note of her luscious voice doth soothe me despite her rapier contempt for mine prose…..

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