Isn’t it easy to forget that some people can’t….

Turn over in bed

Touch their own nose

Scratch their knee

Fall down and get up on their own

Reach up high for grandma’s jelly

See a butterfly

See children play

Hear children play

Think they can hear a butterfly play

But most of us can….

Close our eyes and know what blue looks like

Hear a faucet drip….

Play Pin the Tail on the Donkey, then take off the blindfold….

Play hide and seek and be glad when we find someone that was in the dark and lost

Speak to a stranger no stranger than us

Leave the house, by ourself.

But we also….

Bitch about having to go to work

Bitch about the long line to cash your paycheck

Bitch about having only one car

Bitch about no hot water

Bitch about “I don’t like tomato soup”

Long line at the grocery store, and there’s no honey mustard pistachios….

The Wheelchair ramp is in the way

Vets are volunteers, they knew what they were getting into….

No one knows war, War is hell.

Have you ever met anyone that has returned from hell unscathed?

Why should they demand more?

Bitch about having to vote

Bitch about school prayer

Bitch about the Pledge of Allegiance

Bitch about  the Ten Commandments

Bitch about jury duty

Bitch about no Wi-Fi

But you can….

Feel the sun on your face

Feel a cool pillow under your head

Use the bathroom without help

Swim in the ocean

Take medicine when YOU want to..

Climb a tree

See lots of tree’s

Hear the tree’s…..

Isn’t it silly to bitch sometimes?

I catch myself doing it all the time..

But I forget how lucky I am, how truly lucky I am…

It is the doom of man that we forget

So… Remember to sweat the small stuff….

Be grateful and triumphant for the small things, no simpler than picking a penny off the floor.

Some people can’t do that you know….

Some people can’t see the penny…

Some people won’t hear the penny drop…

Some people have to actually save pennies….

Be grateful and triumphant that the soul is charitable by nature

But remember our small gifts…

Next time you trip and fall, be glad that you can laugh about it and walk on…

Rubbing your knee….

Next time you put a spoon to your mouth, remember the hungry, remember the handicapped

There should be no guilt in being healthy and whole

Just spread it around a little…

Give a piece of your soul

Don’t bitch about what we don’t have…

Bitch about doing more….

Bitch about bitching in the first place.

Love life

Share it

Enhance it in others

Please join us, in this human race.

7 thoughts on “Bitch”

  1. People..including myself….mostly have this capacity to be very self absorbed…and therefore don’t really want to or take the time to reflect on life and things…you know? We are so busy living life the way we think it’s supposed to be lived…we’ve lost the capacity (most of us…not all) of realizing that each and every moment is a miracle in itself…you know?

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