I am a traveler through my mind.

There are many worn paths there.

Some are well cut through the clutter and some are barely visible thru the mist.

They seem to go in all directions like a spider’s web and some appear to double back on themselves.

There are many that are circular, some large, some small.

Over and around they go….over and over….around and around.

Many, many a mile…..

I can see I have been over most of this ground and I can tell by the ruts that I must have been dragging a heavy burden.

Many of my paths go downhill

A few up a hillside

I see that the main path is narrow and straight

But it is overgrown with weeds and doesn’t look passable

The one way traffic light is burned out and doesn’t work anymore

There is a whipping post…..

It has heavy manacles, and I can see where the lash has cut deep into that totem of woe.

It has been warped by tears and chiseled by scratches.

I am the wielder of the lash and the object of its affections.

I used to spend a lot of time there…..exacting justice and retributions.

I can’t seem to travel with my hands in my pockets

I don’t know which path to take

I can see light in the distance at the end of a few paths, but should I assume light is good?

What if it’s a funeral pyre or Hell?         One and the same?

I don’t walk down dark paths anymore.

That’s where the scary man be….

Even though the dark ones are well paved and easily trod, I have traveled them with the thought of easy passage.

Oh yes, so easy…..

Beware any path that can be easily passed with your eyes closed…..Image

I have cut a new path.

It’s not very long yet, but it is well marked and well lit.

I sprinkle diamonds to make sure I can find my way back to the beginning in case this path too shall stray.

I learned this trick from my previous travels over these roads in my mind.

I can always find my way back to the beginning of a road, but where did I start exactly and why is it dark there now?

Diamonds absorb the light in my soul….

They light the dark paths and keep away the scary man that lives here too.

No path exists where no foot has been set.

To step is to travel….

I step…

Therefore I am a traveler…..Image

23 thoughts on “Traveler”

      1. Some are well cut through the clutter and some are barely visible thru the mist.

        There, those were three stanzas I really liked.

        I am not so sure what it going on with me, but I get the guilt in the reference, but I just don’t seem to suffer from it. I was chatting the other night with someone and we discussed guilt as well, their guilt, and I realized I just couldn’t connect with what they were saying.

      2. Lack of empathy or lack of guilt? I have empathy for many fellow travelers, especially like those I wrote of yesterday (poverty and women). I just don’t have the guilt data set. I think they missed that bit of programming.

  1. Love this one. This part ;

    ‘They seem to go in all directions like a spider’s web and some appear to double back on themselves.’ – YES and to me this speaks volumes of how sometimes our lessons are HARD lessons. Lessons that we do not learn until messing up in the same fashion a few times before we REALLY UNDERSTAND that is NOT the path for us.

    On the flip side, some of the paths we take have great advantage and work wonderfully for us, so I suppose this reflects on not only the hard lessons and negative paths, but also the ones that work for us.

    This really is a great piece of writing.

    Thank you for sharing with us!


    1. “There is a whipping post…..”
      “There is no path where no foot has set”

      I like those two….
      I wrote a love story one yesterday…”Note from Heaven”….when you get a chance.

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