Baby Sun Drop


 I saw a lost little drop of sunlight that had fallen from the sky

 A cool and rainy day

My face pressed to the screen door

“You’ll catch your death out there….”

Pieces of rain float with gusts of wind dancing across the porch, my hands resting against the glistening screen

Heavy with cloud diamonds my eyelashes shimmer, my lips kissing and blowing rain drops through the screen, the sky nectar sweet as it rolls across my tongue like little sparkling pop rocks.

I blow out little dew patches from the screen, creating images that only I can understand.

My forehead is resting against the screen, my chin tucked inside my collar, bumping the door open with small nods, the door slaps back and forth.

“Mama, I’m bored…..”

I wonder if the rain will ever stop.

I had woke up during the night when the first drops began to fall, tapping the tin roof in a cadence of lullaby

Sleep is deepest when the rain is softest, singing me back into my dreams.

I saw the drop of sunlight fall on a puddle, spinning like a falling leaf.

Have you ever noticed that a sunbeam makes the rain smell different?

The lost little sun dot was not sad that it had fallen from the sky.

It bounced across my yard, twirling and hiding, skipping across the soggy pine needles.

I saw a robin land next to the baby sunbeam and study it carefully, its noble head cocking now and then.

“Did you fall?” asked Mr. Robin, concern in his song.

“Noo…” said the glowing little sun drop    “I just like dancing in the rain”

“Then I will sing for you” said Mr. Robin flapping and drying his wings, his bright orange chest puffing out.

The robin sang a beautiful song as the baby sun drop spun and twirled.Image

I opened up the door quietly so I wouldn’t interrupt them and sat on the top step, watching the pair of friends enjoy each other.

I noticed that even the rain had stopped to watch and listen.

I felt warmth across my cheek and saw the clouds pull back like a stage curtain and let the bright sun see…

That her little lost baby sun drop danced a jig to a birdsong just for me.

6 thoughts on “Baby Sun Drop”

  1. Very nice. Nice imagery. I too love the rain, all the time. I love walking in the warm southern rains the most. Nobody knows real rain love until they hear it fall on a tin roof over them. Beautiful piece.

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