Rape | A World Pandemic


vic briggs


Open up the papers on any day of the week and you are bound to find another article on rape. It is a pandemic. No corner of the world is safe from it.

I tend to get my daily news from the Guardian. The world’s attention is once again focused on rape and violence against women in India. 

Connaught-place-inner-circle-1On Tuesday, a Danish woman was gang-raped near Connaught Place, a popular shopping location in the centre of New Delhi. She was lost and asked for directions. Is this what things have come to? A 51-year-old woman getting beaten and robbed, raped for daring to ask for a helping hand. No arrests were made.

Visiting India had been long on my list of must dos, but I have to admit I will not be making my way to the subcontinent in a hurry. Until the Indian government takes the issue with the seriousness…

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One thought on “Rape | A World Pandemic”

  1. Reblogged this on Spirit In Action and commented:
    I live in Florida in the US and I have met very few women who have not experienced rape, molestation or other sexual violence.

    Derrick Jensen explains very clearly why this is so in his book A Language Older Than Words.

    Colonization and patriarchy are violence based hierarchical systems that are holographic-meaning that the microcosm is replicated in the microcosm. Ie, war between nations is mirrored in family violence, rape and child molestation.

    The process of enculturation in such a system requires and produces traumatization which is repeated frequently thru the lifespan of each individual in various ways.

    Until we transform the system, the results of the system such as rape, human trafficking, child abuse and molestation, factory farming, environmental degradation, poverty and other forms of oppression will be intransigent as well.

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