Reasons to Scream and Giggle


(number) My question

(letter) Actual replies

1) “I’ve lost my keys and can’t find them anywhere…. Have you seen them?”

a)  “Where did you lose them?”

b)  “Where did you have them last?”

c) “What were you doing when you lost them? ”

d) “Where have you looked?”

e) “What do they look like?”

f) “Did you check everywhere?”

g) “Do you have another set?”

h) “Where would I be if I were a lost set of keys?”

2) “Have you seen the TV remote?”

a) “No”

b) “You had it last…..”

c) “Is it on the TV?”

3) “Could you hand me a roll of toilet tissue please?”

a) “There ain’t none? ”

b) “I thought you bought some”

c) “Are we out?”

d) “Use a wet rag”

4) Honey, where’s my watch?! ”

a) “It’s on that thingee”

b) “Last time I seen it you had it on… You’re not wearing it now?”

5) “Who left a 1/4″ of milk in the jug?!”

a) No answer

6) “Who ate all the raisins out of the Raisin Bran!?”

a) No answer

7) “How long has it been since you put oil in the car honey?”

a) “Do what?”

8) “Honey… A cop is behind us, where is the insurance card?”

a) Blank stare

b) White knuckles

Treyfucious sayeth: “When one tries to change a light bulb, the light bulb has TO WANT to change”

Hokey Pokey Rehabilitation: A place to turn yourself around.

Put 2 and 2 together and what do you get?

“Roses are red”
“Violets are blue”
“If you’ve read this”
“You must be bored too”

Thx for visiting from treyZguy!

PS: Sometimes stupid is all the inspiration you need….

3 thoughts on “Reasons to Scream and Giggle”

  1. The lost keys are always where you last left them. You have to admit, at least that reply B) has some factual basis, even though it is of no help at all in the process. Happy weekend, Trey.

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