Stupid is as Stupid goes….


Have you ever____________?

A) Woke up from a dead sleep and wondered why you were peeing in the fridge?

B) Sat on a toilet without looking to see if the seat was down and your butt hits water, and then your hands slip on the rim trying to get up and you sink deeper this time, wedging the blue pill in your crack?

C) Go to put your glasses on and jam an earpiece into your retina? (Man that sux)

D) Start to say something and bite the edge of your tongue and inner cheek, causing your eyes to blink hard and make that jaw popping “Fuck that hurt!” face?

E) Just barely catch the edge of the top step with your heel, and dropping down to the next step with a jolt that fuses your lower spine and chips your teeth?

F) Reached for a dropped fork on the floor and cracked your skull on the table?

G) Woke from a dead sleep and go to the potty and start to pee, then realize that you never pulled your pants down or cracked open the boxers?

H) Sat on a cracked chair and pinched the Holy shit outta the back of your thigh or leaned on a cracked bar or table and pinch the Holy shit outta the soft part of your forearm? (Man, that hurts just thinking about it)

I) Walked off the roof of a house? Me neither….

J) Fell down stairs and acted like nothing happened despite the internal bleeding?

K) Kissed somebody and bump teeth? (creepy)

L) Sounded like your parents, then got drunk?

M) Ran fast thru the woods at night when you heard a twig snap?

N) Seen the boogeyman?
Me neither…..
Just wondering….

O) Deleted a paper, essay or story that you’ve been working on for days by accident, and you sit there and scream at the Screen?
Me neither…..

I better save this now….

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One thought on “Stupid is as Stupid goes….”

  1. I so bet you have done all of them, especially the walking off the roof. I can honestly saw I haven’t done a fair amount of these, and there is no way in hell I did A, B, or G.
    I have done O a ton of times, or should I say it was done to me, as I know the computer was waiting for me to yawn, and then magically disappeared everything I had been working on. I think I actually scared the hard drive of a laptop while working on a mater’s thesis. For some reason, right after it announced my work had not been saved, I screamed all the obscenities I knew in every language I could muster. It never turned back on after that. Hmmm.

    Peace & Love

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