I was lost until a dapper little man told me that there were signposts along this road.

I had never even seen them because I spent most of my effort looking over my shoulder to see what I had passed and where I have been.

I had passed little green houses, big red barns and a bank with a wheel-barrow full of money.

“You cannot see where you are going if you don’t look up and ahead” said he.

“Feet need open eyes whereas to travel safely upon a narrow path.”

“Open eyes stretch further than searching hands that will limit your pace.”

“Where are these signs?” asked I

“Across the railroads, through the Streets of Saints, past the places of utility and at the end of the road” says he

“What good are signs that are at the end of a road, when I need signs to show me which way to turn, when to yield and when to stop?”

“Foolish man” says he, tipping his silver top hat.

“All you need is enough desire and determination to fill a thimble to reach your goal” Said he….

“It is easy to turn, it is easy to yield and it is easy to stop because the path behind you is well trodden and well marked”

“Aren’t you the least bit curious to see what’s ahead?”    Asked he….looking up the path.

“I must admit I am” said I, following his gaze.

“Then you must take a chance, it’s always a roll of the dice” Smiled he….patting a silver dog.

I turned from the man with a wave and began my trek up this narrow trail.

A silver car passed by, blowing dust in my eyes, the dapper man honking the horn.

Not too long I came to a sign that I hoped would show me the way, for I was weary and destitute.

I read the sign and became sick with anguish….

It read:

“Do not pass GO, Do not collect $200….go straight to jail”


Life IS a game…..


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