“WHAT THE FRECK”? I Could Not Believe What I Read About My Good Friend Joe.”


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Shame, Shame, Shame, ON BANK OF AMERICA, and it’s CEO, BRIAN MOYNIHAN…

I first want to say to my good friend JOE, always remember, I HAVE YOUR BACK! And YOU are not ALONE, as many do care including myself……*Cat*
Does this look familiar?

My dear recovery friends, supporters, and Welcome New Visitors. You will NOT believe what you are about to read. I met my new friend “Joe Mikos” on Twitter a while ago, and it had been a while since I last visited his awesome blog. He told me he just celebrated his 56th Birthday with his family, and had a “new blog post” about having his B-day “At the taco truck”!…..LOL…
I have to tell you, Joe has a *Beautiful Family* photo attached to his short post.  He is a very BLESSED man when it comes to his family.
While I was reading, I noticed another…

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