Writers Block Prevention

The rest of this month I am going to write Stories based on artwork from Norman Rockwell and Boris Vallejo.

I will select my favorites from these two legendary men and use the pictures as both inspiration and theme.

Here is my first selections…

Norman Rockwells “The girl with a black eye”

Boris Vallejos ” Vampires Kiss”
(I already have ideas for this one!)

I know there is a fancy smancy writing definition or style name for this, but I ain’t learned like the rest of y’all.

I’m just a big dumb stinky truck driver.

Basically… The real reason?

I need a new challenge.

I need some dope man…!!

My own creative writing class, so to say.

I’m sure y’all know exactly what I mean.

Plus, I am trying to do some editing and blending to a bunch of my stories into a book I guess.

Just for the hell of it…

I really don’t care about making money for writing and I’m perfectly happy as I am now, learning the craft from y’all.

Why would you want to make a living doing something you love?

I’m a freaking American, I demand a shitty and unfullfilling job!

It’d turn into a job eventually.

Do I want to be published?

Naaahhh… I think I’d like to, but even if I had the only paper or hard back copy ever, that would be enough.

The Land of WordPressia has helped me grow as a novice writer and shown me satisfaction in my life that I considered was beyond my reach…. And taught this old dawg a new thing ‘er two.

I learn….
I read…
I express…
I write….

I watch in amazement the talent levels and creations that bloom forth from the minds of “regular” people on WordPress and it really gives me hope in our futures.

“Whatever man’s mind is capable of dreaming, his hands can create”
– Treyzguy

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