I have a confession to make…Image

I’m not wearing any underwear.

No…It’s not casual Friday.

I’ve just decided to do my own ‘little’ part in protest against “The Man”

Who is ‘the man’ you ask?

I thought y’all knew….

I was hoping y’all could tell me.

Well, whoever he is, I’ve had it up to here with him (Grabbing my crotch)

I can’t blame all our travails on”Whitey” anymore….

That’s soo yesterday.

Here are my beefs with the African-American Mexicali Chineseseses Korean Coalition of Vietnameseses and Eurasian Affairs controlled by the Canadian Intelligence Service under the direct supervision of the Brazilian Anti-Defecation League which is a branch of the Lichtenstein Government financially backed by Johnson & Johnson…..and Starbucks.

1)      How come when I bought my American flag it said “Made in India”?

It is an excellent flag no doubt. It waves on my truck as we speak. But come on….

How many India flags do you think we make for them? Don’t they know all the really good shit comes from Korean Mexican textile workers?

Now that’s true American!

2)      Why are there Mexicans working in my Authentic Italian restaurant?

What is the point of going into an Authentic Italian Restaurant without an opportunity to see a mafia hit go down, or an FBI arrest?

Where has the romance gone…?

It loses its traditional ‘flavor’ when the Immigration cops show up and your manicotti is cold and there’s a Mexican hiding in it when it arrives.

That’s just not right and poor customer service.

3)      What’s up with all the hotels and motels being owned by Pakistanis and Indians any way? They all smell like Paprika, curry and hummus…..AND….all the cleaning staff is Mexicans.

I don’t mind the smells, they make me hungry….and the Mexican cleaning staff doesn’t bother me. I have no problem with people trying to find a job.

My problem is that every time I turn on the TV in my room it’s on a Telemundo soap opera, and all the batteries are missing from the remotes.

Thieving ass Mexicans…..I know it’s them.

4)      Why do gay people wanna get married so much? Can’t they see that it doesn’t even work out for the straight people?

I think that they should tell the government and gay haters to stick it up their ass……  : )

I have friends that are gay, but I don’t….no, disapprove is not a good word. It’s more like, don’t understand.

 I don’t understand how a guy can get all hot and horny by looking at another guys Johnson and think “Man, I wish he’d pound me up my hole!”

I also realize that I am only that way toward the male persuasion peter puffers.

Are you straight girls like that toward the carpet munchers?

So, because I am a pig and condemn one and not the other, there has to be something fundamentally wrong with my reasoning toward gays.

I can’t condemn something I don’t understand, so how can I honestly have any malice toward the cock-smokers and muff divers.

To each his bone….oops, I meant OWN.

Now….some parting thoughts on change….


When I was a kid, I’m talking 7-8 years old; I would take a bottle of gas and a few matches and blow up ant beds in our yard.

It was one of my chores.

The only warnings I got from my parents was this:

“Don’t use too much gas and stand back from the blast” I was shown proper distance calculations in accordance with amount of gas used and expected blast radius.

“Don’t run if you catch on fire”   A very good heads up…..

“Keep the garden hose close by in case you do….” (Now I know that water is not very good against gas fires)

Thank God I only caught on fire a few times and there were sandy spots in our yard….

Here’s some more:

“Don’t stick the barrel of the shotgun in the mud or it’ll blow your face off” ….Yes sir.

“If you fall out of that tree it’s your own damn fault, I ain’t taking you to no doctor!”…Yes ma’am

“I told you not to swim in that irrigation ditch, I hope the ‘frawgs’ bite your pecker off!”….Yes ma’am

“Walk around the house and knock down all the wasps nest, but you gotta do it fast”…Yes sir.

“Don’t bring no little niggers to my house”

“But I ain’t got nobody else to play with”

“I don’t want no neighbors coming by and seeing a buncha little needle nose nigger youngun’s runnin’ around in my yard!”

“We’ll play in the back yard”

“No hell no, your daddy’s tools are back there and I don’t want nothin’ coming up missin’….You gotta watch them little niggers they’ll steal you blind”

Yes ma’am.Image

That’s…how I was taught you see.

I wish I didn’t judge people by the color of their skin.

I wish that I wasn’t suspicious of people different than me.

I wish that it hadn’t been engrained in me since I was in diapers that I was from the master race.

I wish that my bias and racist attitudes, or should I say…foundations were never encouraged or status quo.

I am older now.

I have learned better.

“You can tell a leopard from its spots” it is said….

You can change the amount and ‘color’ of your spots, but there is still spots, and you are still a leopard.

That’s probably why I cover myself in self righteousness.

To hide my spots.

But hiding the fact of still being a leopard….?Image

I am being honest with y’all about this.

I fight it every day.

Sometimes I win….Sometimes I lose.

But, I win more times now than I used to.

I am only a man.

I was raised in the South, in the only way that most people down there knew.

Ignorant….?     Yes.

But back then….I didn’t know it was wrong to hate niggers, Mexicans or Jews.

I didn’t know what a Jew was, but I knew they were bad….

See what I mean?

My uncle had a Jewish girlfriend that he brought home while he was on leave from the navy. He had met her in New York.

Her name was Jenny.

Funny that I still remember that after 40 years….

She was pretty and obviously brave or oblivious.  She knew she was going to deep dark Georgia cracker territory.

I remember that she had long black hair and olive colored skin. She was nice to me and my siblings, and talked funny and us kids loved to hear her ‘tawk’.

My Dad, Mom and grandparents were nice to her when she and my uncle were around.

“She’s a Yankee Jew” my Pawpaw would warn us in a whisper when she was in the next room or gone somewhere else.

And we all knew that was bad…..

So we watched her and hid our money, like my mom told us to.

How do you purge yourself of that type of thinking when you were taught that way and lived that way and KNEW NO BETTER ever since you were still hidden away in your pre-ancestral genetic codes?Image

I don’t believe you can ever change completely.   It’s always there.

If you deny that you have never had a racist thought, comment or action in your life then you are a liar.

The trick is to make the effort NOT to be that way.

I can honestly say that I do try.

There is always hope for change when desire outweighs ignorance.



 My joking about race and homosexuality is meant as a joke.

Don’t be so ignorant….

13 thoughts on “Hater…”

  1. My head is still spinning from having no underwear to bigotry. How we were raised certainly has a huge impact on us. How sad is it how our “fore fathers” thought. It is hard for us to realize that there are many black people whose souls are actually “whiter” than our own, but it is so true and especially true when compared to “white bigots”.

  2. I love ethnic mixes. Years and years ago, in Manhattan, there was a pub that had Irish barmaids and a Chinese cook,
    and every Friday night there were free roast beef and the fixings for dinner. There was a lot of prejudice when I grew up, mainly about blacks and Jews, but after World War2 and a lot of living in different places, my feelings changed as I realized we ‘re all on this planet together, wanting the same things, and trying our best to survive.

    1. That’s what I was trying to portray. No wars are won without battles even if they’re personal ones. Did I come across like an ass? I wasn’t intending to

  3. Ok, I am weighing in here. You want honesty, right? Close you damn eyes if you can’t handle it.
    First off, you are way past 7-9 years old, by at least 40 years. Right?
    Next, we were all raised by parents who didn’t, or don’t, have the beliefs and views we do. Hell, we have generations of bigotry, hate, disrespect, etc. This is no reason we have to behave like we have these same beliefs. My mum was raised in the Midwest, and she was prejudice, homophobic, and suffered from demoralization of women in her family. She grew up to have many of these same views, and she placed her life in relationships wherein she was disrespected as a woman. I am not sure about my sister, but I know what I believe. Even in high school I had friends of all races, and it was just not ‘cool’ to dis’ one another about race (late 70’s early 80’s). As far as homosexuals, I didn’t interact with any at this time, didn’t know any, and it was usually a slam guys did to other guys. Girls at my school weren’t much concerned with gays. As I grew up and started working and living on my own, I became more socially aware of gays. I would find a friend of mine would be gay, and then it just wouldn’t make any difference, I already knew I liked the person. I guess my idea is what they do in the bedroom is not my business, and if they are ‘flaming’ they are more fun. I hung out with male and female homosexuals, never had an issue or felt any dislike. There were some which I didn’t care for, but it was just like anyone else, I just didn’t dig their personality.
    Ok, now I don’t want you to think I am trying to come off as all perfect or something. I just feel at 50 if I haven’t figured out to just love each other, respect differences, and just tolerate those we really don’t care for, then I need to cash in all my chips. I am just too damn stupid then. I am simply amazed at the stupidity going on right now with all the gay bashing shit. I really thought this was covered a long time ago. I have learned to accept and respect, where the hell was everybody else my age? I guess sitting on their freakin’ couches watching the Simpsons.
    For me, there is simply no excuse for a person my age to not accept what we cannot change. And…why should we even need to change anyone, we are not so damn perfect in the first place. How about I just concentrate on accepting and loving those around me, no sermon just logic, because I want them to simply accept me without me justifying my life to them. There! That is it. I want people to accept me for who I am, the good, bad, and ugly, so why should I do less for another?

    There is my post for the day, and a shitload of honesty.

    Peace & Love
    (remember you can always delete this if you don’t want it on your page)

      1. I never write stuff like that without an underlying theme. You know this. Like you said, you have to go back and read slow. You thought you saw something but… Let me check again… Ohhhh

      2. Will you go to my home page and tell me what the damn FB box looks like to you? Does it have some stupid thing in it saying it doesn’t work?

      3. I don’t see anything. I’m looking and I don’t even see a Facebook box, Is it a typical one from WordPress widgets? Where is it supposed to be?

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