AA Steps 8-10….

An Alcoholic DirgeImage

I have my family about me….

In shadow…

Never really touching…

Only in the absence of sunlight do they shine.

I knew them once…..before life had not touched them with its wretched finger.

They never knew me, despite knowing me.

All they know are the shadows of my life.

They shy from my light.

Now that I live in the sun, they are afraid of my dark.

I am free now.

Take my hand….I won’t hit you anymore.

Don’t flinch when I brush away old tears.

I miss you in my heart

I want the family back that hasn’t turned to me.

Am I a bad man?

According to the only connoisseurs of my vintage spoil that I respect…..

I yam what I yam….

Oh hollow people….

Judge me not

I am just a player in this game.

I drew this hand…..then folded a time or two.

I still raise the ante toward my success….

Embrace thy brother….

Lost in my life storms, I am still at the helm.

No one is lost with a compass of changing winds that cry.

Spinning, tossing…..direction.

I can see just above the stern, oh weary tumult.

I will return.

ImageTime……festers wounds….and heals.

A port of welcome, of renewal.

You will give me berth.

Love for thine brother is in thy soul.

We don’t know any better than to love those whom we kin….

I am you…You are me…… we are brethren.

We are thicker than the tainted water.

You have no choice but to love me, despite your contempt and hate.

You love me because you have too….

You don’t know why…You just have too.

I’m counting on this.

Love me….Despite yourself.

Do you know why I love you…?

Sharon…..”My baby”

Kenny….”Kenny Clarke”

Laura Beth….”LB”

I love you because it’s in my blood.

I love you because I have never known any other way.

I love you because….I am your big brother.

Come hell or high water.

I love you….Because it’s my job……

It’s what Big Brothers do…..


8 thoughts on “AA Steps 8-10….”

    1. You’re opinion means more than you know!
      Thank you for taking time to see what Trey is up to today!
      You are one of my Ideal Readers.
      When I decide to be great….You’ll be the first to know!
      Just taking the time to comment on anything i post means…..everything.

  1. So much that none of us understand about another’s path. But it shouldn’t stop the loving. I heard recently from one of my kids of a father who outright rejected his son because he’s gay. Who does that? We don’t any one of us know what’s round the corner for us. And we all need support. For something or other. Your family will surely come to understand.x

  2. Such a personal insight into the pain and consequence of Alcoholism. Destroyer of relationships, robber of compassion, love and understanding.

    You’ve articulated it ‘on point’ Trey.

    With time and healing, family ties can and are re-built. The love, like the sun, never actually disappears, it is merely covered by clouds which provide rain and life. Every rain provides us with a learning experience, that, if we allow it, helps us to grow.


    Thank you so much for sharing.


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