Make It Our Own


When I woke up this morning I saw that the sky was dark and overcast.

So I changed it.

I turned it into a wintry parchment, a page that waits to be written before the spring explosion of color and song, the birth of new life and possibilities.

The blank script of the winter sky is of the dullest hues, lying flat and heavy over the surface of our world, the broad earthen stage where life performs tragedy, love and comedy.

It waits on our pens and brushes of imagination.

I am looking around to see what I can create today.

I see what I want to see.       I can make this script whatever I want.

I am free to behold a world of mine own….

The truck stop that I am in is full of dirty trucks and tired men. The asphalt baring stripes of the task master across its broad back.

The rumble of engines and thump of tires steal the silence from the air and makes the world I see before me a burdensome one that is the bastard child of want and greed.

The smell of spent fuel hangs over me, a foul and corrupted curtain.

So I changed it.

I am now on a broad prairie where adventurous men care for their beasts of burden as they graze.

The air is full of smoky campfire, and the oxen munch and lo.

The crack of a whip smart’s the air, the tinkle of metal, the whine of taught leather beginning another trek….

Exit stage left…

I have escaped the prison of my mind.

I am free to create a world….

I can make it whatever I want.

Such is the writers right.Image

Is the pen needed to cast dreams onto this script of mankind?

I say no….of course not.

It is our imagination that forms words for the theatrical portrayal of life.

A pen is only the tool.

A tool that can build hope.

A weapon that can crush bone.

A brush that can alter perspective of life’s canvas with a simple stroke.

The art of my early existence portrayed the anguish of my soul and the stumbling of a blind man that had no talent for the texture of life or the myriads of my souls many shades of color.

So I changed it, and started over.

Can we make the world our own?    

I say yes….of course we can.

I say yes….We must.

With one slash of our pen, we can change a scene.

…..A tragedy into love.

With one swipe of the brush, we can change night into day.

…..A sun peeking over the oceans through a dying night sky.

Am I happy with the scenes I have written for me?

Am I happy with the brush strokes of my life?

I can’t really say…

Let me act out a scene….

Let me step back and examine the colors….


It’s almost good enough.Image

I think I’ll change it just a bit more.

I’ll strike out “The End” and add another chapter….Maybe I’ll be a hero this time, saving a princess from the terrible ogre or fiery dragon!

I’ll add more light colors, and a soaring bird or two.

Perhaps a shimmering lake full of gold and ice cream under a moonlit sky, maybe I’ll even put a cherry on top?

We all have power over life as we see it.

We are all powerful.

All we have to do…?


Imagine what it could be.

It’s up to us to change the play.

ImageOne line at a time…

One perspective into another.

Just change the perception of your particular art form…..

Never being satisfied is not always a bad thing.

So change it.


It only takes a few inspired strokes of desire to create a masterpiece.

20 thoughts on “Make It Our Own”

  1. I happen to connect with a Dr. who is writing a book and wants a 500 word email submission about recovery from alcohol. It’s a good site to check out if your interested 🙂 I just sent my submission 🙂 YOU have a way with words……*CAT* MEOOWWWWWWW

      1. The Article I shared that you did really should be your Submission??? All you’d have to do is go in and bring it up in “Edit”….check the word count at the bottom, and then word clip it to 500 words. It really is a great article. Then yes, copy and paste into an email to his email on the blog and…..WA LA… have a submission!! DAMN I’m good lookin and SMART!

      2. Do you mean….cut out stuff!? OMG Cat….You’ve become…..One of “them”!

        Hell, I use at least 500+ periods alone in my posts!
        You know how much I love periods!
        500 words!?!
        I will not sacrifice my art for mere fame and accreditation………..
        Unless there’s money involved ; )

      3. LOL….OK…OK….I love my periods too! (oops…to much info )…It was just a suggestion, so don’t get your boxer’s in bunch!……LOL

        *Cat* “-)

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