Wow Is Me…


How can this be?
Two big zeroes preceded by a 3…
Im not that interesting
Or witty I agree
Why would anyone want to read anything written by me?
I find that I use grammar like an unwieldy axe
It doesn’t seem to matter though because my blog groupies always come back
They honor me with likes or a comment or two
“You are so talented, you big sexy guy you ”
I get embarrassed by all this lusty praise
I find that fame really sux despite the truth of it all and the questions raised…
” Will he keep being awesome and a stud muffin too? ”
I say “Yes, never fear, my minions of “wow” and “eww”
It’s a helluva thing to be equal to all of my hype!
Thus I promise to keep boring you with prose and type.

Thanks for following my stuff, 

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24 thoughts on “Wow Is Me…”

  1. Congrats on the readership. It’s wonderful to have people acknowledge your thoughts, wit and experiences. Thanks so much for sharing you personal story with us!


      1. the only reason? what about not wanting to be an obnoxious elitist?
        plus, bacon wrapped around fried chicken makes my pants feel funny

      2. yeah but you got a sweet helm collection and they go a long way.
        plus rocking the whole manbeard thing don’t hurt

  2. That’s always an amusing issue, I think, here in the blogosphere. I don’t have that much, but I try to just write for the love of it. I am supposed to be following you, meaning there is something I am supposed to have found interesting about you. I still see some of that playfulness, but I apparently have not been dedicated much mostly because of time constraint. I can only hope to pay you more due attention.

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