Murder Man: Chapter 1

I don’t know what in the hell is goin’ on but I’m hearing voices, ain’t no doubt about it now.

I thought it was my neighbors or someone walking by out on the street at first but….

Them voices is close by somewhere in the house.Image

I’ve been hearing it for this last week off and on, and haven’t thought about it real serious until ….what happened first thing this morning……

……. I think them voices is coming outta my damn closet!

I’m scared.

I sure as heck ain’t gonna tell nobody about no damn voice comin’ outta my fetchin’ closet.

I cain’t tell nobody, they’ll have the booby hatch people over here slicker than shit!

I’m scared as hell though to be honest….

I ain’t never heard no voices before.

I mean I hear my own voice all the time in my own head, but not….different.

It’s hard to explain just writing it down.

It sounds like he’s standing right next to me but, his lips is on the inside of my head, know what I mean…?

It’s like a bunch of voices all saying the same thing at once…..

I couldn’t make out what they was saying at first ‘cause I didn’t really pay attention to what was going on, but after about 3 or 4 days I started walking around the house trying to track it down, see where it was coming from.

It’s loudest by the closet in the kid’s old bedroom.

I was thinking there might be a vent in there or something that I ain’t never seen before where they was coming out of.

I looked but ain’t seen no vent no wheres.

I blew it off a couple more days, didn’t think ‘bout it much.

This morning though I been drinking coffee and eating me a piece of some toast and I heard folks out by the sidewalk laughing and talking, when I heard that damn voice again in my head just as clear as hell, made me almost choke on my dang toast….

“It’s about you”

That’s what I heard in my head, and I ain’t got no idea why, but I looked out the window to see who was outside laughing.

They looked at the house a couple times, but I don’t think they was saying nothin’ ‘bout me, I didn’t know none of them people. Why’d they be talking ‘bout me anyways?

“Kill them all”

That’s what I heard next, I swear ta God!

That’s when I thought about writin’ all this stuff down.

I seen a guy do this one time on TV when he thought he was goin’ crazy and found out it was just a brain tumor, I mean he died anyways but he seemed like he woulda rather had that tumor than go crazy….I know what he meant now….but I’m taking my happy ass to see the ER.

I don’t FEEL like there’s anythin’ wrong with me, nothin’ I can tell I mean.

I don’t feel funny, don’t nothin’ hurt, but I promise you one damn thing…my ass is going to the doctor in about 15 minutes, you can bet that shit!

My name is Logan Ryan by the way, I figured I’d better write it down and make it official or somethin’, I saw that on CSI too.

I been living in this house all of my life and ain’t never had no problems or shit like what’s been going on for the last few days.Image

I don’t know if I’m gonna tell the doctor or not yet that there’s someone in my closet that wants me to kill folks.

I don’t think that’d go over very good, ha ha

I shouldn’t be making fun of it but I don’t know what else to act like.

I’ll wait and see what the folks at the ER is gonna say then worry about it.

I’m gonna go and ask them folks what they was laughing about first though before I leave….

I’ll be glad as hell though when I find out what the hell is goin’ on though….

I’ll write some more tomorrow if I hear anything else.

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