Murder Man: Chapter 2

Okay, I’m writing in this notepad again and tell what’s been goin’ on last couple uhdays.

I heard back from the doctors about them tests I went’n had done ‘cause  awhat I wrote about yesterdee.

I’m glad I ain’t got no brain tumor or heart attack comin’ on I guess, but I’m still workin’ on whether to tell that one doctor about me hearin’ stuff around the house.

I ain’t been able to sleep in my bedroom ‘cause I’m nervous about goin’ in there.Image

 I did go in there the other evenin’ when I got back from the ER to change clothes though. I laugh ‘bout it a little bit now that I’m writin’ it down ‘cause I ran in there like I was stealin’ somethin’. I don’t even think I was in there long enough for my shadow to follow me!

It sounds funny as hell, but now that I think about it a little more and writin’ it makes me mad to think I’m scared in my own home.

I don’t know what to do, I cain’t leave, this is my dang house!

I cain’t tell nobody, they’ll think I’m crazy as a bed bug…….I’m startin’ to wonder myself.

I ain’t heard no voices for a couple uhdays but there’s a light flickin’ on and off in that closet. I’ll see it outta the corner of my eye and when I try to look it ain’t blinkin’ no more.

 There ain’t no light bulb in there anyways, so maybe its justa car window goin’ by flashin’ me.

I better go down in the basement and check the fuse box though before something catches on fire, just in case.

I ain’t goin’ in that cellar no more.

It’s got dang spiders everywhere!

I’ll call Tommy about the fuse box, he does electrician work on the side and he owes me some favors or two that his ole lady don’t need to know ’bout. Ha ha

Stacy would kill him if she knowed what I knowed.

“Tommy says you a piece of shit”

I ‘bout fell outta my chair just then. My dang hands are still shakin’!

I gotta tell somebody about this shit here, but I don’t know what to say or who to say it too, or what the hell I’m even gonna tell ‘em if and when I figure it out what the fuck to say!

That preacher from that Catholic Church just left.

I called him and told him I wanted to get my house checked out and do whatever it is they do ‘cause that’s what those folks did on that Ghost Hunter show when they think there’s spirits in a room.Image

I hope I ain’t got no spirits.

If I do, they can move my shit for me outta this sumbitch and mail it to me.

The preacher didn’t say much while he was here, just walked around flickin’ his little water thingee and mumblin’ to hisself…

He didn’t say “Oooo, this house is clean or dirty or GET OUT NOW!” like in that movie about that little girl Carol Anne.

We just shook hands when he got done and he left.

Seemed like a nice fella though, smart…..real quiet too ‘cause he never said nothin’ hardly or went in my bedroom.

I didn’t say anything about it so I don’t see how he coulda known, so it ain’t his fault.

Holy shit now there’s a baby cryin’ somewhere and my heads about to split wide ass open.

“Tommy say he gonna kill yo ass”

“They watchin’ you thru the winda dude”

What’s really startin’ to get on my nerves is I must be getting’ used to the fact that I might be goin’ nuts ‘cause I didn’t jump that time when I heard it. Before I knowed what I was doin’ I just turned around and looked out the winda bigger than shit!

 I caught what I was doin’ and got pissed!

Man, if anybody finds out I’m hearin’ shit…..

I’m gonna tell them folks next door to quit standin’ in front of my house all the dang time and makin’ all that noise and laughin’ all the damn time, gives me a dang migraine.

They got to do somethin’ with all them young’uns too, runnin’ around and hollerin’ all damn day makin’ all that noise….

My heads startin’ to hurt again so I’m gonna go take me some aspirin and crash on the couch.

I hope I can keep writin’ in this book ‘cause I tend to be lazy sometimes. I ain’t never had a diary or anything before, so I don’t know if I’m doin’ it right or not, but I’ll try hard to keep writin’ stuff down until I can get a hold on all this mess…..

P.S call Tommy about the fuse box and find out if he’s been talkin’ shit.

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