Frankensteins Monsters

I’m gonna say it if no one else will…imagesaj

I have stumbled across the greatest conspiracy known to man.

The keyword here is “Man” Not “Woman”

It came to me in a dream last night.

I was visited by the ghosts of King Solomon and Brigham Young.

These two renowned “Men of many wives” had a great many things to tell me, some are very intriguing, disturbing and so very obvious, now that I know what to look for.

The bottom line, the “facts” are that women, girls, gals, split-tails, the fairer sex, hot mama’s and grandmothers are all in cahoots to rid the world of men.

Some men are aware of this fact, most are clueless.

However, there is a small survival instinct in a man that alerts them that something isn’t quite right in Rock’n Rollville but they can’t quite seem to figure out what it is.

They know something is rotten in Denmark, but can’t tell where the smell is coming from.

I have always been suspicious of women.

I never quite trusted those beady eyes and high foreheads and beautiful boobs….I meant….


Did you know that a woman wrote “Frankenstein”?

Before I get to further into the author of this iconic novel, let me share an excerpt from her book:

“Frankenstein” Chapter 7 page 80; “It was on a dreary night of November that I beheld my man completed …”

Do you see it?

They’re all in it together….

Shelley was mocking us. Men I mean, or was she a rebel against woman’s evil plan to take over the earth?

Was she sympathetic to men and didn’t want to see them enslaved and treated like chattle?

Flip it around and see it like I do;

The doctor creates a monster from dead body parts, not nice to look upon but very gallant, eventually well-read, compassionate to others, passionate about his place in the world and very sad and hard trodden, left to wander and perish in cold, barren expanses of loneliness….

Now, Eve was created from Adams rib….a body part.

She came to life, was very comely to look upon, had boobs, learned very fast, became “a help meet for man” and got us kicked out of Eden, to wander and perish in cold, barren expanses of loneliness like Maui or Tahiti showing us her boobs….

Okay….to cut this short.

I think they’re watching me and I’m under suspicion as a subversive male.

They know that my testosterone levels are low and I am no longer able to donate any more progeny to their hordes of Amazonian barbarians.

So, I am expendable.

But I am here for you brother man.imagesnakedbelle

It reminds me of the dangers I faced during my tour in Viet Nam, slogging thru Poon Tang…..; p

Here are the indicators that you are being watched by woman spies:

a) “Let me add a little bit more “flavor’ to that before you eat it….”

“Flavor” is Woman code for mind control drugs. Pepper, salt, paprika, A1 sauce….

They’re all drugs.

….Spice Girls….Salt n’ Peppa….Dolly Madison…..Mrs. Butterworth’s…..?

So obvious now….

Addendum: “The way to a man’s heart is thru his stomach” Are you starting to see a pattern yet?

b) “Honey, could you open this jar, you’re SO much stronger than me….”

c) ”I’m scared of the dark dear, you go first…”

I’m not even gonna keep going….It’s so……Evil.

Here is an example of why women rule the world:

A man walks up to a woman, wraps her in his arms gives her a passionate kiss, grinding against her body and what happens…?

“I have a headache” “Police!” Mace in the eyes or a nice tazer blast. Intensive care Prison…..

A woman walks up to a man, wraps him in her arms, gives him a passionate kiss, grinds against his body and what happens…?


Can you see it yet?

Women: Play hard to get…..

Men: You’re kidding right?

I hate being an inferior species.

Well, I was gonna make this longer and tell you everything that the 2 ghosts told me in my dream but my wife just told me I have to change the oil in
the car, so I better go.

She promised that if I behave today that she might let me smooch on her later tonight and that I might get lucky….

“Honey, would you run to the store and get me some woman feminine products, where every man in the store can see you? I get SO nervous in all that traffic and you’re a MUCH better driver than I am. I get so scared when you’re not with me….”

I think I’m gonna kill myself now, well….When I get back I am.

She doesn’t like it when her honey biscuit takes too long….

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  1. I’d say you have one very interesting blog going here. Nice.

    I’m here to personally thank you for the support you showed me for my article I wrote for The Talking Violin, regarding cellphones and planes. It really meant a lot to me!! (((HUGS))), Amy

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