Falling in Love

I remember falling in love….Image

It was a long time ago, and no…

It never feels like it was just yesterday.

It feels like it was a long time ago, on the other side of the mist that hides so many of my past memories.

But I can still feel it….how it was then, is how it is now.

Memories of my mind are not required….muscle memories are not required.

It is only my heart memories, my nose memories and my lung memories that have never forgotten.

I loved her so much that it caused my heart to fill with love juice.

I couldn’t breathe when I pressed my lips in her hair.

She smelled like flowers…..

I loved her so much that it made my heart beat, to march to a different drummer.

I couldn’t breathe when I would wake up in the morning and her head was on my chest, her leg thrown over mine….the smooth curve of her hip glowing from the warm sunlight that bathed our bed.

The sunlight smelled like flowers…..

I loved her so much that it would make my heart stop when she would laugh and call me silly….”Quit staring at me” she would giggle.

Then my heart would start beating again and the love juice would make me high.

I couldn’t breathe when she would hold my hand, swinging our arms. She would try to get me to skip with her down the sidewalk as if though we were just kids….

We were…..just kids at first.

When she would turn to me and tell me that she loved me….Image

Everything smelled like flowers…..

I remember falling in love once…..

I think it has only happened to me the one time.

I believe that it’s supposed to be that way.

My heart would beat fast when she would pick blackheads off my face as I lay my head in her lap. She would smack me on the cheek and call me a sissy when I would scream like a girl…..

She was so mean to me in her sweet way, but my heart didn’t care. It knew I was a sissy.

I couldn’t breathe when I watched her.

I couldn’t breathe when I thought of her.

I couldn’t breathe when I was close to her because I didn’t want to use up air that she might need.

I can’t breathe now, when I think of her for too long now…..So many years later

My breath and heart would stop when she would walk up to me and just press her forehead to my chest, and slowly wrap her arms around me.

It makes me cry even now…..from older eyes does my love juices fall.

My tears smell like flowers…..

My memories of her smell like falling snow.

My memories of our young love, ignorant of the world, tastes like summer rain.

My memories make me catch my breath, and my heart beats and skips faster…..

Then I remember what it was like to fall in love…..Image

It hurt like hell….

Man….did it hurt like hell.

I remember falling in love….

It was a long time ago.

It only happens once in a lifetime….

Love is flowers, falling snow and summer rain…..

Love is holding hands, playing footsies and killing a spider in the tub.

I am truly blessed….

I have been loved once by another.

A long time ago……

She still takes my breath away, that long ago love.

My first love…..my first passion.

My first real heart beat.

My first real breath.

My first flower…..

My last breath will whisper her name…..My final declaration that I am taking her ashes to ashes, dust to dust.

She will travel on my last breath.

I remember falling in love once.Image

I had no idea that it would last forever.

Forever…..and the day after that.

13 thoughts on “Falling in Love”

  1. Now THAT is poetry. Exactly stated. Full of love and romance. Beautifully stated. I think I’ll have to go write one. Hopefully, just as pure. Lovely, Trey. Really, really lovely.x

  2. Truly wonderful. When defined as you have, I have never been in love. I have no idea if anyone has ever been this in love with me. There is a repeating line in a book I just finished: “One seldom finds one love in a lifetime, you have found two.” I thought of this many times as it was stated, and I have to take into account the fact the characters lived longer than normal mortal lives, but it seemed so sad to me. I am very glad you, and all those who can claim love once, have felt this joy.

    Peace & Love

      1. It is a wonderful memory. Something to hold on to when you are sitting in the old truckers home, watching monster truck re-runs, and grabbing at the nurses.

        Peace & Love

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